Something You Wouldn’t Know

As part of a monthly staff spotlight in the newsletter, some of us have been given profiles to fill out and return to the office. The final question on this profile is, “Tell us something people wouldn’t know about you.”

This is such a hard question! Mostly because it has to fit certain criteria to be work-appropriate.

1. Can’t be too personal – no one at work (staff or members) needs to know of my fertility struggles.

2. Can’t be too crude – I have to see these people every time I go to work!

3. Can’t be too boring – “I’m happily married and have a 5 year old son.” While that statement is true, it’s a bit of a snore-fest.

4. Must contain some element of cool. “I was president of the chess club” is not gonna cut it!

5. Probably should be true. I briefly considered making something up, but if someone probed or requested proof, I’d not be able to give it. For example, I can’t say I’ve jumped out of a plane, because there surely would be proof of that.

So, after quite some time deliberating on my options, I’ve come up with a few things about me that you might not know.

“I played district representative golf in high school with a very famous Australian golfer (who I won’t mention here for fear of google).”

Pros:  I work at a golf club, the people reading this would think this was “cool”. Cons: It’s a bit boring! 

“I have travelled all over the world, but am terrified of flying.” 

Pros: It’s a bit quirky/ironic. Cons: What idiot is afraid of flying? Loser! It’s definitely not cool.

“I played the flute from 4th grade to 12th grade. I didn’t do anything inappropriate with it at band camp. Ever.” 

Pros: Not sure if there are any? Cons: Maybe crossing the crude line?

“I can bench press 30kgs.”

Pros: This might be impressive to some. Cons: This is a golf club newsletter, not a gym newsletter. Who brags about what weight they can press? Meat heads, that’s who.

“My husband and I met 10 years ago, online, and it turned out in a city of over 5 million people, we lived 2 buildings away from each other in the same complex.” 

Pros: It’s one of those “woah! Small-world-fate” stories that most people are shocked by. Cons: Who internet dates? Desperate crazies? The majority of members are too many generations removed from this being “cool”, it is more “weird.” 

“I grew up playing tennis, golf and volleyball, was nominated for sportswoman of the year in high school and voted Most Likely to be a Famous Athlete at the grade 12 formal.” 

Pros: It proves I was athletic. I can re-live my glory days. Cons: That was almost 20 years ago, get over yourself. 

“I’d really like to be a photographer. I’ve even half-assed started my own business.” 

Pros: It’s a pretty cool hobby (lots of people tell me they wish they could take better pictures! It might lead to some business. Cons: Maybe not smart to tell all of your work place you’d actually rather be doing something else. 

As you can see, finding something about myself that the members may not know, that is appropriate to share, is quite challenging. So I have two questions for you.

Which of the above is your favourite thing about me you might not have known?

And what is something about YOU that people might not know? I might steal it if it’s cool enough! 

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21 thoughts on “Something You Wouldn’t Know

  1. I actually like them all but my favourite would have to be how you and your husband met. THAT is awesome!
    Something that people wouldn’t know about me…. hmmm this is a hard one. All the ones that I’m coming up are boring, but this one is trivial. When I went to school there were five girls that had the same name as me and I don’t just mean by first name. I mean by first name and surname.

  2. Man it must be busy in your head, to think up all those pros and cons. I’d say your passion and hobby is taking photographs OR that you played district representative golf in high school with a very famous Australian golfer – I think that is perfect as will get people thinking and asking more questions!!! BTW, 30kg!!! – what a strong meat head you are 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh this is something I’ve struggled with in the past. You’ve done an awesome job coming up with so many. I love your pros and cons of each too, especially the Cartman pic 🙂 Okay, so I think my favourite would have to be that you met your hubby online to discover you worked so close to each other. Or … I like the most likely to be a famous athlete one. Good luck!

  4. Firstly, I love to travel (and do regularly) but am scared of flying – terrified. To the point of almost tears in turbulence. So that it totally normal. What on earth are you implying??
    The meeting your husband story is the best story ever! Are you crazy??!! That’s like from a book!

  5. I think if you combined all of the above into one sentence. I am a 30 kg bench pressing, high school golfer, airplane hating, flute playing, aspiring professional photographer, world traveler, who met my husband online to find he lived next door. As for me, people might not know I can twirl fire.
    Found you on FYBF 🙂

  6. They are all great things to share, though maybe not the first one. I can see your dilemma in choosing one. If I would run with Em’s suggestions in the comments about the golfing one, that is of heaps of interest to the reader I think.

  7. I’d say the golf rep and meeting your husband. The husband thing is way too cool not to share.
    Me? Well I’m a little boring and could never come up with as many things as you have.

  8. I think they’re all pretty cool! I had to giggle at the flute one…LOL!
    Maybe the flying/fear of flying one would be the one to go with? I don’t think it’s lame at all. It means that you still haven’t let one fear get in the way of what you love doing. Well, that’s how I’d see it, anyway.

  9. What a great list Aroha – nice to know more about you – so easy to share on your blog – harder to reveal at work. I’d go with the photography – do you have one of your best shots to show off – maybe you might get a gig to take photos at work? PS – great story about you and your husband meeting and impressive bench-pressing!

  10. I love the internet dating story. Mine is similar – my husband went to a neighbouring high school but we met on line when we were in our mid-30s. See there’s no stigma. All the best couples get together that way.

  11. I love the story of how you met your husband, that’s really cool. I don’t think people will think it is weird at all.
    As for me I was on a prime time sat night tv show on the BBC a few years back!

  12. These things are always tough. My faves are the travelling over the world but being scared of flying – I think it shows you have a fear (like most of us) but have the balls to do it anyway… also I like how you met your hubby…. let us know what you ultimately pick! 🙂

  13. Haha, oh I hate writing things like this too. Even the About Me page on the blog – gah, what to include? What to leave out?

    I love the flute one. Tickles my funny bone. But if you work with uptights, perhaps the hubby one.

  14. I think it’s great that you and M met online – I honestly didn’t know people did that until I met you !!!! But I think I would go with the first one – it is a golf newsletter after all !
    As for me – can’t think of anything worth knowing about me that most people wouldn’t know already – the joys of being an over sharer !!!
    Have the best day !

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