Things I Know : Something Else

This things I know should probably be more of a Things I Believe, but here goes.

Do you believe in God? In the universe? Angels?

I don’t know what I believe in, but I know there is something else out there. How else do you explain things like deja vous? It freaks me out. It’s as if there are parallel universes, just like on Fringe.

This morning, I have no idea why, it popped into my head that I should check with mum that she was picking Nick up from school. I had asked if she could watch him Monday because of the pupil free day, but she said she didn’t get home from Melbourne until lunch time. It didn’t occur to me to ask when she left for Melbourne…until 8 am this morning when I thought “If she gets home Monday, when is she going??” So I called her. “Hi mum, are you already in Melbourne?” “Yes, I am. It’s freezing.” Crap.

Who was going to pick Nick up from school!? I hadn’t arranged anything, I had TOTALLY FORGOT! I remember mum telling me about this trip, but it never clicked that she wouldn’t be here to pick Nick up. Thank God for my sister! I couldn’t stop thinking about, “What if I hadn’t checked with mum this morning? What if he’d come out of class and no-one was there to get him?” I’ve asked him in the past, “What do you do if mummy isn’t here when you come out of class?” His answer? “Ummm, go home on my own?” We live down the (busy) road from the school. It’s really hard not to think about the what-ifs in these situations, but you have to try very hard not to.

I have a friend in NSW who has been affected by the fires yesterday and today. She is lucky that her 4 children are all with her and safe, as several things happened that could have made that not the case. If things had happened slightly differently, her 2 middle boys could have been in the house by themselves when their road was closed off, and she’d have had no way to get to them. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, but it is really hard not to think about what-if?

About 5 years ago I had a big falling out with one of my sisters. After 2 years of not talking, I was driving along and got this feeling. I couldn’t describe it, but I knew that I needed to call her and make things right. I did that next day. Six months later, after spending fathers day with his 3 daughters all together, our Dad passed away. I don’t think that feeling was a coincidence. Something made that happen.

It just makes me believe that there is something out there that is greater than us. It makes me believe that our story is written, and we have very little control over it. We are just characters in a very big book.

What do you know this week? And have you shared it with Rhianna for Things I Know Friday?

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14 thoughts on “Things I Know : Something Else

  1. I do believe in God Aroha. I also believe that there are many things we just can’t explain in this world. If you sit with my parents, they will tell you stories about living in the war in Lebanon, about being in one room and deciding to get up to get a glass of water; about a bomb landing in the exact room where they were sitting just a few seconds before…

  2. I am with you Aroh, and have written a bog or 2 about it over the year. A not sure what I believe but there must be something out there and hope that our loved ones are somewhere special doing something they love! Call it coincidence, gut feelings, intuition, whatever it is I am glad u had it and none of those ‘what ifs’ had the opportunity to come true.

  3. So glad that everything turned out for the best, what if’s can can really get the heart going though can’t they? I most certainly believe that there are higher powers at work in our lives, not sure I can put a name or a finger on some of them though. Thanks so much for joining in #thingsIknow so sorry it took me so long to come and comment, I did read it on Friday but I was on my phone and we all know how horrible it can be to comment from there, anyway finally at the computer now. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely

  4. I’m pretending the goosebumps I have right now are from the fan, but the story about reconciling with your sister brought tears to my eyes. Hubby reconciled with his dad about a year before he died and while he regrets the years they spent at loggerheads, I know he’s grateful for that last year.

    • I can remember exactly where it was when it happened, too. I’m just glad I acted on it and didn’t ignore it. I know it made our dad happy in the last few months of his life to see that we had reconciled.

  5. That’s incredible that you made up with your sister. And good on you for acting on it straight away.
    I’m religious so I do believe that there is a God. But even if I wasn’t (and there was a period of my life there when I didn’t believe), I do believe that there’s something out there. A much greater force than any of us could imagine.

    • There’s just too many unexplainable moments really, there has to be something out there. I too am glad I acted on it straight away, it meant that my dad got to see all this 3 girls happy and getting along in the months before he passed away.

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