I Must Confess : Post-Proud

It’s not often that you go around bragging about blog posts, but that’s exactly what Kirsty is asking us to do this week. It’s funny sad when you go back and look at what you’ve written and all you can think is “blah, blah, blah.”

Then I found this post. (I’ll copy and paste below).

I saw a meme/poster/thing on Facebook that said “Every time something really bad happens, people cry out for safety and the government answers by taking rights away from good people.” The quote is attributed to Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller. Whether or not he actually said it, I’m not sure. I could google it but that would give too much credit to the quote.

People like to use the word “rights” to defend their actions. If you speak out and say something hateful, you have a right to freedom of speech. If you pull a gun on someone, you have a right to bear arms. Protest at a funeral, you have a right to free exercise of religious practices. They are entitled to these “rights”, yet they self-righteously deny people the right to love and marry. They have a right to be hateful. Guns in the hands of the wrong people gives them the right to be violent, but people are being denied the right to celebrate LOVE in a joyous union.

I also read on Facebook, a friend of a friend who commented on a status update about New Zealand passing a bill (convincingly I might add) giving the right for gays to marry. This FOF (friend of a friend) said they are “just not in favour of changing the definition of marriage.” Who defines what a marriage is? The bible? The church? I am married, but I don’t go to church and was not married in a church, so should my relationship be classified as something other than a “marriage”? “Give them the same rights and call it something else,” FOF argues. What does it matter what it’s called? Why is it so offensive to have it be called a MARRIAGE, just like it is for straight people? And tell me, how does it affect you? The only people who don’t want these rights for everyone are people who aren’t affected by it what so ever.


Similarly, when something terrible happens, like the rape (and subsequent death) of the girl on the bus in India or the abduction and murder of Jill Meagher, people talk about our rights to be or go where we want to, when we want to, without being harmed.

I don’t deny that it <em>should </em>be a basic human right to be able to walk down any street at any time of day, on our own, and make it home safely. Sadly, I don’t think it is a reality. And as much as I’d like to tell my daughter, if I had one, that it is ok to walk alone in Surfers, at 3 am, is that the reality? Not really.

My mum was a single mother of three girls. One thing I always remember her telling us was to not put ourselves “in that situation.” This is not saying anyone is asking for it or that they deserve it or that they are in any way at fault for being where they are. NO ONE asks or deserves to be assaulted, abused, harmed in any way, much less murdered. And in a perfect world it wouldn’t happen, but it does.

What if could teach women that they can do or be whatever or whoever they want, but we also taught them to think twice, to question situations, that they don’t <em>always</em> have to be strong and independent. What if we taught them that there is nothing weak or wrong with having a friend walk you home? Because there may come a time that her actions and decisions in a certain situation save her life. You can’t control what others do, but you can control what you do.

Every day I see news stories that make me wonder why we ever bought a child into this world. The most recent story was about 23 year old Sunil Tripathi – still so young – who was mistakenly identified as one of the Boston bombers from the security footage. This young man’s body was found in a river. With very little details available, it left me wondering if he had taken his own life or if someone had decided to take justice into their own hands. I worry about my son, as he grows up, what kind of trouble will he find himself in? Possibly by simply looking like someone who committed a terrible crime.

I wish I could believe in a world where our rights protect us, but it is not the world we live in today. It’s not the world that women in the middle east live in. It’s not the world the Newton, Connecticut children lived in. It’s not the world Sunil Tripathi or Jill Meagher lived in, either. Bad things happen. Sometimes foregoing some of our rights can stop them from happening. I guess the question is, what is more important?

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Stream of Consciousness {An IBOT Post}

Emily over at Have a Laugh On Me posted a 10 minute stream of consciousness post, which I took as a challenge to do the same. So here goes.

Why is it that as soon as you decide you’re going to just write about anything and everything that pops into your head for the next 10 minutes, that you suddenly find your mind blank? And why can’t I make my mind blank at pilates? Instead of thinking about everything else we have going on.

I’ve been lamenting Sunday afternoon work shifts for years now. When I worked both Saturday and Sunday I thought I’d be happy to just do a 4 hour shift on a Sunday afternoon, as it meant I still got the majority of the weekend to spend with family/friends/doing whatever I wanted, really. But now of course, it’s still too much work for a weekend. I know yesterday I just posted that I was thankful for job security, but sometimes I forget about that when it’s 1pm Sunday afternoon and I’m getting ready to go to work and the boys are getting ready to do something fun*. Although I have to say, last Sunday morning, I sort of couldn’t wait to come to work. Hubby went off to do the grocery shopping, while Nick and I washed my car and went to the skate park. I know, what is this, the opening to the opposite sketches?!** Of course N was wanting to wet the car I’d just dried, was whinging that he was getting wet, broke the lid off his drink bottle, and then the skate park was full of large boys men, trying to hold on to their youth. Work couldn’t come soon enough…until it did.

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately because it seems to keep falling down the priority list. Yet here I am, with a few hours up my sleeve at work, which is quiet, so I find myself with time to get some posts out. Sometimes I feel I have so much to say, but I think, “Why bother?!” Do you know how many bloggers there are!? I don’t know an exact figure, but I know there’s heaps, and you can read about anything on any given blog – food, education, travel, parenting, fashion. I don’t even know where I fit into that. Some days I’d like to just print out my blog, bind it, then delete my site and “retire”. Does anyone really ever retire from blogging? I know you can go to lots of blog sites and there hasn’t been a post for anywhere between 12 months and 5 years! So they just float out there in cyberspace, taking up room (and names!***). It’s a funny little world, cyberspace.

I keep getting interrupted by work stuff. How rude. It makes it hard to gauge my 10 minutes of rambling stream of consciousness. I just had a guy in here trying on shoes, who could barely bend over to tie his laces. It would be like being forever 8 months pregnant, and not being able to see your feet. How do people live like that? I don’t say it at all for looks/aesthetic purposes, I say it out of pure concern for their health. I for one want to live to be pretty old, so I don’t understand why it’s so hard to look after yourself a bit better.

I suppose that’s my 10 minutes up, if I include how long it will take me to go back and define my *, **, *** bits.  There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who forgets to define their asterisks, so I’ve been told (sorry!!). Sorry Em, don’t think stream of conscious writing is for me, either.

* They sometimes go to Dreamworld, sometimes to get groceries, sometimes to the skate park. Either way, it ‘d have to be more fun than working!

** Do you remember that show? You Can’t Do That On Television? I used to love it as a kid!

*** I wanted Chasing Sunset when I first renamed this blog. It was originally my ACTUAL name, but made me too searchable. Chasing Sunset was taken, tho no posts ever posted to it. If you happen to know the owner of http://chasingsunset.wordpress.com or you ARE the owner, could you please contact me and relinquish the name to me? Pretty please with sugar on top?!

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Looks Like We’ve Made It

I’m sure there’s a quote out there somewhere about knowing you’ve “made it” when you start to get haters. I’ve been fortunate enough that my little blog over here hasn’t garnered enough attention to get any hate mail, either by way of comments OR email. That is, until now. Finally someone was passionate enough about something I wrote to post a comment so scathing that I’m unsure as to whether to give it approval or just bin it.

I’m not sure how “Gary” found my blog, but he read my post about the mentality of arming everyone in the US and was clearly upset by it. I don’t remember the last time I was called a biased waste of oxygen, numbnuts, or the scum on the bottom of someone’s shoe all in one exchange.

The funny thing is, he thinks I deleted all the comments from people who didn’t agree with me. The truth was, I never got comments from people who didn’t agree with me. Most likely because there’s only about 70 people who read this blog, and maybe a dozen who regularly comment. Chances are, those people are going to be like-minded individuals. I wouldn’t shy away from a healthy debate over policies and cultures, but outright name calling, and sentences like “I hope you get raped by a pack of wild negro crackheads looking for a fix and a sperm depository and you have no way to defend yourself” don’t really facilitate intelligent conversation. All it does is cement my argument that firearms are for the violent-minded and un-educated. I don’t really think that – not completely – but that’s the argument this comment makes, really.

I briefly considered publishing the comment and responding to it, but ultimately decided against it. If someone has something intelligent to say, regardless of whether they agree with me or not, it will get published. But now, and always, hate and abusive vitriol will not be tolerated.

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