I Must Confess : Working Away

My husband is a mechanic, and as such, isn’t often called out of town for work. Working for the dealership he used to go to Sydney for training once in a while, but that was years ago. So last week, for the first time in 4 years, he had to go to Melbourne with his boss and 2 coworkers for a few classes. He was gone Thursday afternoon through to late Saturday night.

And I must confess, I didn’t hate it.

I liked having the bed all to myself. I liked being able to be lazy, cleaning if I wanted to. Or not. I liked not feeling guilty for sitting on the computer for 2 hours after my son had gone to sleep. I liked having our bathroom all to myself. I liked that there was no arguing with Mr 5 year old, and for the most part, I only had to ask him 3 times to do something, not the usual 10.

While the first night I heard everything and woke a few times, the second night I slept like a baby!

I’m not saying I want my husband to be gone all the time. I think 2-3 nights was enough and it certainly gave me an appreciation for wives who manage when their husbands are in the mines and gone for weeks at a time. No, I definitely wouldn’t cope if he wasn’t around much, but the little break every once in a while can be refreshing.

Does your husband work away? Do you like it or hate it? Fess up!

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18 thoughts on “I Must Confess : Working Away

  1. When hubby signed up for this position, we were told there would be no travel. That soon changed and he now goes out to sea for weeks at a time where we have absolutely no contact. They keep saying this will be the last trip but then something happens and he is off again. Not impressed. Especially as he is suppose to have time off as soon as he gets back but it never happens as he is too busy catching up.

  2. I do like some time to myself – I just wish it wasn’t 4 week stretches at a time !!!! But I totally agree – sometimes it’s great to just have some time to myself.
    Have a fantastic week !

    • Yeah I’m not sure – no I KNOW I couldn’t – handle 4 weeks at a time. That is just too long. You guys are an awesome couple for being able to make the most of the time you do get together xo

  3. I wish mine would bugger off – I NEVER EVER EVER NEVER get the house to myself, not that I need to be at home anymore than I already am – but shesh it would be nice. I’m sure it will be nice when he’s home too – to help with said washing, cooking and parenting 😉 xxx

    • And the only time you are home alone you’re working your bum off! It’s nice to have the place to yourself and not have to do anything. But do you ever have time to just do nothing when you have 3 kids?! I’d imagine not!

    • no, I don’t know how wives of guys working in the mines manage. I guess you get used to it (or things end up not working out which I bet happens a lot!). I wouldn’t want it full time either. But once in a while would be nice!

  4. My hubby is currently commuting 2-3 nights a week as we moved from the city to the country recently. I am still getting used to the silence once the kids are in bed. I like the “me” time but after a night or two I miss him.

  5. I could have wrote this post! Hubby has to go away sometimes for work for just a couple of days and I actually enjoy the time by myself! I’m just more happy to see him when he comes back! And, thankfully it doesn’t happen often.

  6. My hubby used to travel a lot for work when we lived overseas… the worst was weekends with me home alone with the kids and no friends/family nearby. A day felt like a week! Before we had kids it was much easier… a long weekend alone = SATC marathon!

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