Things I Know : About Family

Part of my family, a part I’ve really grown close to over the last 8 months, is moving 13 hours away, leaving next weekend.  It got me thinking about things I know about family.

Family is a funny thing. They can make us the happiest, the angriest, the craziest, the saddest, and they can hurt us more than anyone else. But at the end of the day, when all the bullshit is said and done, family will always have your back. At the end of the day, you can’t de-family them. Well, you can try, and some very much succeed, but they are always in your heart, or in the back of your mind, and that relationship is always “there” even if no relationship actually exists!

I moved to the other side of the world when I was 18. My sisters were 14, and 12, so I wasn’t there for a crucial part of their childhood – the growing into adults part! One sister clued into email and chat pretty quickly (yes, I moved before days of internet!) and she and I kept in touch much more than my sister who is moving and I did. I think we both thought when I moved home we’d be closer.

Then when I moved home, we had a huge falling out and didn’t speak for 2 years. She missed the birth of my son. But after 2 years, we bridged the gap, and slowly mended the cracks, just in time for our dad to pass away. The 3 of us have been closer than ever, ever since.


Now she is moving away, and taking my niece with her. I know it’s a good opportunity for them. I know it’s not the end of the world. I know it is easy to go visit when we can. But none of that makes it any easier to know they’ll be so much further away. I know now, some of the feeling that we put my husband’s family through when we moved to the other side of the world. Only it must have been so much harder on them, because the other side of the world is much longer than  a 13 hour drive.

Every time we fought as kids, mum always said we’d be the best of friends when we were older. We thought she was nuts! Now I can see what she meant. I know that I have probably taken having my sister close by for granted. I know, that for the next 3 years, I’m going to watch my niece grow up on a computer. I know I’m going to have to get over this fear and get on a plane (or go for a few VERY long drives!) again. I know that I am going to miss my sister, and my niece, like crazy.

What do you know? Does your family live close, or far away?

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The New Digs

We are getting there. Slowly. Oh so slowly. But nevertheless, we are getting there. Where? Completion. Sanity. “Tidiness”. Though that term should be used loosely when you are talking about a home that is occupied by a small person.

Our new complex is lovely. It is quiet, there are lots of trees (of which the only downfall is the lots of birds that like to sing at the break of dawn), there are great views of the mountains (if you look out the right window on the right angle) and it is just…well, just lovely.

Since we’ve moved in, I’ve seen all kinds of people. Our neighbours consist of an older couple, a mother and her P-plater daughter, and a young childless couple. Its fitting, really, that we are the almost-middle-aged couple with a child. We complete the spectrum.

Then, there is Walter. Nicklas and I met Walter in the pool a few days ago. He is 87 years old, and moved here 2 years ago from NZ on the insistence of his children. When we met Walter, he was, as most oldies are, keen to talk about his life. His first wife walked into a parent-teacher interview at school and dropped dead. After that, he spent 4 years, getting up and making the kids breakfast every morning, spending every spare minute with those kids, then giving them dinner and putting them to bed. He devoted his life to them, and now he’s just welcomed his first great-grand child (after several miscarriages). You see? I told you he was keen to talk about his life! But what a lovely old man. He was swimming laps, his sandals and walking stick left by the stairs and rail into the pool. I’m sure we will run into Walter again.

We are down to approximately 3 boxes that have to be sorted through before they can be stored or re-located. Hubby and son are off to Ikea today to get a couple of storage items for the place. Its probably best I don’t go with them, as hubby should be able to get in, get what we want, and get out, without me convincing us that we need x, y, z also. I’d much rather be going with them than going to work, but in order to pay for their trip, I must go to work. And with that, I must also go get ready.

New Places, Tennis, Moving

A quick background – I grew up playing golf and tennis. Tennis was my first sport, golf came later. There came a time where I could no longer do both (they were both on the same day, and my mum had 2 other daughters to think about). I picked golf. And while I went on hiatus from tennis, I found it again later in life and have loved it ever since. Perhaps I never stopped loving it. I love that you can have a bad game, or a bad set, and you can still win the match. In golf, if you have one blow-up hole, you’re screwed.

I could, given the chance, sit in Rod Laver arena every day and every night of the Australian Open and be as happy as a pig in mud. But I have to settle for the next best thing – sitting in front of TV for 2 weeks to watch it.

I was so looking forward to having all our moving done yesterday and settling in to watch a good match. But it didn’t quite work out to plan. Nick went to bed later than normal, and being in a new room and new setting, he wasn’t so comfortable being left alone. I laid down with him and fell asleep myself, and missed seeing Kim win the 2nd set. When hubby woke me up I said, “Is the tennis over?” When he said no, I knew Kim had won the 2nd set. I did get to watch the 3rd set, and really felt for Li Na. Had she been playing anyone else, I’d have been rooting for her, but Kim is my favourite. I was so happy to see her win! It was clear that experience was on her side last night and propelled her to the win. I’d still love to see Li Na win a grand slam! As long a she’s not playing Kim in the final!

Before bed last night, Nick wanted to go in “mama’s car?” Where? “Home.” I told him we were home, this is our home now. He didn’t seem to like that answer. I’m sure he’ll adjust sooner rather than later. He’s an adjustable little guy! But it is difficult to explain to a 2 year old that you have moved and this new, strange place is now “home”.

On the topic of moving, I managed to throw my back out last night, moving a box. Its been killing me all day. Might be time to down the pain killers when I get home. This is a recurring injury that I haven’t had in a long time, so it was probably due to happen. Just remember…bend with your knees!!

Here is the truck the movers showed up in (honestly we could have fit 3x the amount of our stuff in there!)

And here is the view from the visitor’s parking lot just outside our unit.