The World Has Gone Mad

I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging, because to be honest, “Life” got in the way. That’s not to say bloggers don’t or can’t have lives. It’s just to say that this blogger could no longer keep up with the demands of uni, a new Mon-Fri job, and all the various life activities one commits to when they don’t know how to say “no”.

But I am angry. And I am motivated to write. I feel compelled to voice my opinion, no matter how it is received, or even if it is never even viewed! The world has gone MAD. Now, this might not come as a surprise to you, but I am so disheartened tonight. I am completely dumbfounded by the actions of various people. I am ASTOUNDED by comments, behaviour, expectations and ENTITLEMENTS some people seem to feel privy to. I’m so angry I had to rate my anger over certain issues so I could find a place to start.

Issue: Laura Davies missed her induction to the Golf Hall of Fame because organisers put it on Monday, in SCOTLAND, when she was playing the US Women’s Open in Pennsylvania the day before.
Anger rating: 10

This is just another slap in the face to women’s golf by an industry that has been predominantly male since the beginning of time. There is not now, nor ever will there be, anything close to “equality” in men’s and women’s golf. But for many years, Laura Davies was the golfer people came to see play. She deserves this award as much as any male golfer deserves it. Sure, no one can control flights being delayed but how ridiculous to schedule it so close anyway. They would NEVER have done this to a PGA player. From ESPN:

Then the question comes as to why the induction ceremony couldn’t be held Tuesday night, just to avoid any problems. According to World Golf Hall of Fame communications director Dave Cordero, that wasn’t feasible. Cordero said in an email that Monday was the only night available during The Open week at St. Andrews because there was an R&A Past Champions dinner Tuesday night and a champions exhibition event Wednesday. Plus, with the tournament starting on Thursday, it’s understandable why it couldn’t be held Wednesday night.

The Past Champions dinner could have been held Monday and the HOF induction Tuesday night. It’s just another shameful page in the discriminatory “Good ol’ boys (golf) club” story. Let’s not even talk about how long it took Augusta National or The Royal and Ancient to allow a female member!

My message for the WGHOF? Pull your heads out of your asses.


Issue: Nick Kyrigos doesn’t want to be here and Bernard Tomic has been arrested. 
Anger rating: 9

Nick Kyrigos, representing Australia in the Davis Cup, completely choked while playing an unheard of Kazakhstanian player, giving Australia 2 losses and desperately needing a win just to stay alive. His attitude was even worse than his game, with microphones picking up “I don’t even want to be here” coming out of his mouth. I have felt that before on the tennis court and golf course. But that kind of attitude isn’t going to turn things around.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Florida, Bernard Tomic continues to show us why he’s a completely self-absorbed brat by being arrested for refusing to turn his music down and then resisting arrest. These two clowns keep acting like complete idiots yet seem surprised at the reaction from Australians. Maybe their parents pandered to their every tantrum, but they need to know we expect more from our up-and-coming sporting hopefuls. Do they think Pat Rafter or any other Aussie tennis icons got where they are for being obnoxious, opinionated or thinking they knew more than the men Tennis Australia entrusted with their development? These two boys – who are old enough they should know better already – have heads bigger than their tennis resumes allow for.

My message to these two? Pull your big heads out of your asses.

Issue: The belief that “Caitlin Jenner isn’t a soldier, so she can’t be brave, courageous or a hero.”
Anger level: Fluctuates between 7 and 10. The below tweet pretty much says it all.


I really don’t know what else to say about the whole situation. The people making the awful comments about her not being brave, not being courageous, not deserving of her award, they are they very people who do in fact make her all those things. Because it’s having to deal with judgmental, critical, ignorant people that makes her courageous. She might not be a hero to you, but I am sure she’s a hero to the person who because of her, decided they can face this situation and be who they truly feel they are. To those who are judging her I say: pull your heads out of your asses!

Issue: Our Speaker of the House, Ms Bishop, spent $5000 taking a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong.
Anger rating: 7 

Response from Malcolm Turnbull: “Why would you charter a helicopter when you could just use your own?” Anger rating: 10 

I was seriously pissed about this for about 30 minutes, before I found out it was from a satirical publication? Anger level? 1. That actually finally made me laugh and get over the rest of these things that have me so angry today. On a serious note about Helicoptergate, it surprises me any politician would criticise Ms Bishop’s actions, lest they have their expenses scrutinized as well. I guarantee we could find enough financial waste and extravagance across Australian political records to pull the country out of debt.

You know what my advice for our politicians is.

Maybe if everyone pulled their heads out, the world would be a little better place.

2 thoughts on “The World Has Gone Mad

  1. FISTPUMP! Boy oh boy, am I glad you’re back. (And Steve Price is someone else who can pull a certain part of his body out of another certain part of his body.)

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