When Your Child Says the F Word at School

From the time my son was born, I knew I was going to have to start censoring myself. There are times I could make a sailor blush – and have made sailors blush! I work in a male-dominated industry. Not that that’s much of an excuse. My husband works with all men, and he manages to leave his potty mouth at work. Mine goes everywhere with me.

So when my son started talking, and copying everything we said, as they do when they’re toddlers, I knew I needed to step up my game, concealing my penchant for swearing.

Until recently, I was proud to say that my child didn’t swear. Then I heard him say shit. And I thought I heard him say fuck, but I couldn’t be certain.

Then last week, on the way home from school, I said, “How was school buddy?” “Good,” came his reply. “Did you get up to 3 stars?” He had been on 2 stars the day before so when I dropped him off I told him his goal for the day was to get up to 3 stars. He shook his head and hung it. He said, “L-e-a-v-e-l …” and held up 4 fingers. I was shocked. And not just at the fact he couldn’t spell level yet. How did he fall from grace, and fall so far? He pulled out a pink slip.

The dreaded detention pink slip. I read it and had to stifle a laugh.




I also had to tell him how disappointed I was that he had used the F word at school. And in front of a teacher. “It wasn’t in front of a teacher. Someone told on me.” What the fuck, we’re raising a generation of dibber dobbers now?

The positive we took from all this is that when the teacher asked him if he’d said the F word, he admitted to it. We told him how good he was for not lying, but that that kind of language is inappropriate at school – or anywhere for a child his age. I told him that when he’s an adult, he can say it as much as he wants! And I also told him that mummy would try really hard not to say it either.

So far I haven’t been very successful, but I think I’ve been better about not saying it around him. If all else fails, it’ll be the same lesson my father taught me – do as I say, not as I do!

Has your child ever said a bad word? At school? Did you laugh or were you mortified?

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13 thoughts on “When Your Child Says the F Word at School

  1. I admit, I laughed reading that pink note- one for the 21st for sure! But yes, I agree that kids must learn not to swear, especially at school! My 12 and 13 year old push the boundaries a bit and I’m slightly more relaxed about words like crap etc but they know what will be generally considered acceptable.

  2. Oh that’s funny (sorry!). My husband swears a lot so of course the kids start to follow suit. I’m always picking hubby up on it, which probably just highlights it to the kids. Then when he tells them off for swearing they say, well you do it. So he comes back to the do as I say not as I do thingy too.

  3. Nice to see you back. I’m actually worse these days with dropping ‘F’s in frustration. I would never direct it at someone though – always inanimate objects, problems and general FFS’s. But I need to curb my ways. Love the pink slip – and his honesty – you must be doing lots right.

  4. Hahhahahha I had to admit that I laughed out loud at that note! What a cracker. Definitely 21st birthday material… Like you, I worked in a male-dominated industry for years in my teens and twenties and I inherited that same sweary mouth! It’s unavoidable.

  5. Ok the note is funny! I swear too much and do try to limit it to things like crap in front of the kids… My worst nightmare would be them cursing in front of the in laws.

  6. I’m afraid your note gave me a giggle. I can’t be sure if my kids swear at school. They don’t at home, with the exception of my eldest who will repeat any swear words my husband or I utter with a disapproving stare (I swear she has the BEST hearing when we’re swearing).

  7. Oh, I’m sorry but that was funny! Oh dear! My husband couldn’t find his keys one morning and he was stressed and frazzled and blamed the house ‘This fuck’n house, I can never find anything!’. Fast forward a few months and he was getting grumpy with a driver in front of us and the kids could sense daddy was grumpy and from the backseat came ‘Calm down daddy! This fuck’n house!’. We tried very unsuccessfully to stifle our laughter!

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