“Kool” Kids or “Smarter” Kids?

When we first enrolled our son in daycare, there was a centre around the corner from us that looked so bright, happy, cheerful. When we put him on the wait list, we lucked out, as they opened a brand new centre next door, and he got in there. He was officially a “Kool Kids” kid. To be honest, it bugged me that they spelled “kool” with the K. When we decided to move to a different suburb, we kept driving up there because it was familiar for Nick and I wasn’t terribly confident in switching him to a new daycare and having to go through all the adjustment of it again. For his sake AND mine! Thankfully we finally moved him, albeit after 10 months! Now, he was a “Smarter Kids” kid.

I have to admit, my son did seem to get Smarter once he started at Smarter Kids, but that could have been somewhat coincidental with his age. The kids are obviously not old enough to really understand or care about what the name of their school is, but I wondered what the respective owners were thinking when naming their centers. What’s more, did parents make any decisions based on the name, or was I the only one totally over-thinking this whole thing?

I was more … tickled ? … that at the tender age of 3, he had gone from being a kool kid to a smart one. Hopefully, a smart one who would never spell cool with a “k”.

Does your kids day care centre name make you smirk? Giggle? Cringe?Β 

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40 thoughts on ““Kool” Kids or “Smarter” Kids?

  1. K’s kindy was called Rainbowland so that was OK. I hate bad spelling no matter where it is. There is some advert at the moment that says “2 kool 4 skool” (I think or something really close to that) and it drives me nuts every time I see it. Our children are bad enough spellers due to texting and spell check – don’t keep flashing the wrong spelling in your advert !!!!!
    Have a great day and can’t wait to hear how N goes at school !! I just now he is going to be one of the smart kids there !!!!

  2. My girl’s preschool is “Little Skoolhouse” and when they first started it caused quite a riot with parents for the spelling but I think they explained that they wanted school to be fun and creative.

    Anyway I like the spaciousness, teachers and overall environment in her preschool so the naming doesn’t really matter to me :p as long as she understands that school is really not spelt that way! Haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I actually can’t remember the name of our daycare centre. Clearly the name was of little concern to me then. Mine was all about location, location, location (ie right next door to my office building so I could visit and breast feed etc).
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • Yeah, I didn’t really pay much attention to the name when enrolling him at either place. It was only when I mentioned to someone that he used to go to Kool Kids but now went to Smarter Kids that I went “hmmm, he’s gone from being “cool” to “smart”!”

  4. Ah, daycare and preschool, my youngest, the twins have been in school for a year so it’s all seeming long ago. I don’t like the deliberate misspeling I must say, must be too old fashioned.

    Joyful to report that my kids did go to some good preschools and day cares and often when I am feeling as if I am a shocking parent, I soothe myself by thinking that at least they’ve had a decent education – well, still ongoing!

  5. Spelling is a lost art in the SMS world. Teens are so busy “speaking” on their phones via shorthand and relying on spell check that they don’t even realise how bad it is. Drives me nuts too! We are just venturing into childcare in the next month. No weird names – I just have everything crossed that he will have a good time.

  6. Yep, the spelling thing irks me too. I’d rather a “smarter kid”. Our daycare is Kids Cottage, and I’m pretty sure they don’t do the apostrophe right. We also get some pretty bad spelling and grammar in the school newsletters, but it is such a convenient location with lovely caring teachers – I can overlook the rest.

    • We had our son enrolled for a primary school – a private one – and got the enrolment package and it was FULL of spelling/grammar errors. Long story short, he’s no longer going to that school! He’s going to the public one which actually has a better reputation!

  7. I’m not a fan of the “kool” spelling, but to each their own. We have a mobile preschool out here (my kids don’t go to it), but it’s called Tharawonga. Half the kids can’t even pronounce it! No prizes there either lol.

  8. It’s weird, why did they spell it with a “K”… I love good spelling too. Our language is important and it’s important to protect it by good spelling and good grammar.

  9. I don’t think the centres here have names like that. Most of them are just named after the suburb.
    Smarter is definitely so much cooler than Kool πŸ˜‰

  10. My kids have never attended a childcare that wasn’t named after the suburb it was in so we are very boring here. But I did used to laugh at a centre I used to pass on my way to work called Jumping Jacks – I always wondered if they served red cordial to the kids to get them to jump around!!!

  11. LOL! Most of the daycare centre names over here are pretty boring. Just the name of the carer and then “Daycare centre.”
    I’d definitely much prefer a smarter kid too! πŸ™‚

  12. I really love the name of ours Bright Horizons it seems very upbeat, optimistic and positive. Although what’s in a name…. a rose by any other blah blah blah!!! I reckon Nick is both cool and smart πŸ™‚

  13. None of the daycares in our area have unusual names, so this issue has never come up. However, I’ve been alarmed before by the blatant spelling and grammatical errors in e-mails from the site director. She has a post-secondary education…how can she not know the difference between its and it’s?

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