Thankful Thursday

This week I’m dedicating my Thankful Thursday to my mum (who doesn’t read this blog, so she’ll never know, but that’s beside the point).

My mum raised 3 girls, for all intents and purposes, on her own. My dad was “around”, but not really “there”. I know I put her through hell, wanting to live with dad, going out til all hours of the morning cruising around the coast with boys older than me, hanging out at the pool hall (yes I think I even wore flannel on occasion), walking around the house treating her and my sisters like crap. I did dumb things like drinking, smoking and shop lifting (I only did this twice, which I’m not saying is excusable or acceptable, but I just wanted to be clear it was not a habit).

Then when I was 18, I moved to the other side of the world to go to college. For all my downfalls, I had a little bit of talent. With my mum’s help and support, I packed up to go on an adventure. I still clearly remember waking up the morning I left, my suitcase at the end of the bed. I felt sick to my stomach. Maybe after all I put her through, she wanted to get rid of me? No, it wasn’t that. She just wanted what was best for me. About 5 years later, she watched her second daughter follow in my footsteps, and put her on a plane to LA.

I don’t know what it’s like to have 3 children, so I don’t know if it’s any easier to watch one leave when you have another left behind, but I can’t imagine it is. None of us knew what would happen once I got on that plane and left. I’m certain no one imagined I’d be gone for 11 years and return with a degree, a husband and a baby on the way. My sister came back after a year. I loved it over there, she didn’t so much. To each their own.

I do know that my mum has never made me feel guilty for leaving, or for being gone for so long. She’s never tried to push me in any particular direction, never tried to tell me what to do, she’s let me figure it out for myself. Even when I was a terrible teenager, she never really interfered. Whether or not it was naivety, or fear of me running away if confronted/disciplined, or something else, I’m glad that she never pushed, pulled, interfered or forced me to do anything. I always made my own choices, my own mistakes, and learned my own lessons.

A friend of mine has a tattoo on the inside of her wrist that says, “Roots & Wings”. For the quote, “The two greatest gifts parents give their children are roots and wings.”

We like to think we are or should be in control of our kids. Of their choices, their decisions. I think it’s important to let them make their own. It’s our job to teach them HOW to make them, and then to support them through their decisions and be there with love and encouragement if it doesn’t work out, not with “I told you so!”

I didn’t do much listening to my parents when I was a teen. It’s not until we are older, sometimes not even until we are parents ourselves, that we value our parents opinions. If only we could learn from everyone else’s mistakes, wouldn’t that be wonderful? That would take some kind of truly enlightened human being to be that wise, I think. But that’s the beauty (and tragedy) of life. We learn from our mistakes. And we don’t need people to point them out to us, just to support us and love us no matter what. And that’s something my mum has done. And I hope it’s the kind of mum I will be for Nick.


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14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    • Yep, she’s a keeper for sure! She did an amazing job with what she had. I never remember her moping or whinging about any of it either, at least if she did, she never let us see that.

    • I am not sure how I will either Kyrstie! I think I might have been a bit of a hypocrite, writing all that. I don’t want my baby to grow up ever! But I need to keep reminding myself of a parents job, and need to let go, for our kids sake!

  1. What a great post ! It is great that, while our parents did things differently to how we will do them, we know that they made decisions from a place of love and wanting what they thought was best for us ! I know that you are doing a great job with Nick !
    Have a great day !
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    • Thanks L! I know we are doing something right, because he is such a great kid! And I’m not biased, I’m often told that! Haha! All we ever want is what’s best for them, and hopefully we will not have our blinders on when we look at what’s best!

    • It’s so hard to be so far away, isn’t it? And I dread that day that my son tells me he’s moving overseas. How could I say no when I did the exact same thing?At least if he’s our only child, we may be able to follow him ๐Ÿ˜‰ HAHA! Sounds like your mum rocks too!

  2. Beautiful hon and we have led parallel lives – my mother watched me head off too and i ended up meeting my husband straight away – 18 years I have lived overseas – she taught me to follow my own path, live my dreams, take a chance, all while i was a rotten teen making her feel crappy. i made sure she know as an adult that i was actually listening and learning even when i did not know it was happening. I am sure you will be just that mom for Nick too!

    • After I wrote this I sent my mum and email telling her what a great mum she is. She wrote back, “What’s brought this on?” I think she was worried I was dying or something. They’re strong women, our mums, who can let their daughters go off and live their lives, so far away. I hope we can do the same if it ever comes to that!

  3. Hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it? Very true what you’ve said, about encouraging rather than controlling. My husband wasn’t allowed to play football as a child because his father preferred soccer. As a result, my husband encourages our kids to play any and every sport, he doesn’t want them to miss out like he did. Me? I just want them to be passionate about SOMETHING. I don’t really mind what it is. Unless it’s something creepy.

    • Hehe, Kelly you sound like my mum! “I don’t care what you do, but you will do SOMETHING!” There was no sitting around on weekends when my mum was concerned! That’s a shame your husband wasn’t allowed to follow his passion, but great for your boys that he learned that lesson and they are allowed to follow theirs! I am the same as you, don’t care what he does, and will support whatever he wants to do…as long as it’s not creepy. That made me LOL.

  4. I hear you on that one. Having four offspring it’s always in the back of my mind to do the best I can for my babes. They certainly don’t agree at times but we keep plugging along!
    I’m sure Nick is very blessed to have you as his mum. xxXOoo

    • Thanks CJ. I hope he doesn’t take as long to realise that as I did! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know you’re doing a great job with your babes as well. x

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