Have You Seen My MoJo?

Hi there, was just wondering if you’d seen my blogging mojo? It seems to have run off on me somewhere between a FYBF post and an IBOT post. It is possible it’s run away with my motivation and commitment and none of them will ever be seen again. Wherever they are, I hope it’s sunny, warm, and they’re sipping mojitos by the beach. Incidentally, I wish I was sipping mojitos by the beach somewhere.

Oh wait, I will be! Next weekend we are going “cabining” (I refuse to call it camping because camping implies tents and I refuse to sleep in a tent) with two other families who have kids Nick’s age, and I just simply can.not.wait. Weather permitting (dear God let the weather be permitting) there will be swimming in the pool, playing and swimming at the beach (a short stroll from the cabins), playing on the playground, BBQing and adult-beverage time once all the kids are tucked safely in bed. I would say “What could possibly go wrong?” but I’d feel like I could be jinxing us.


I wish that we did things like this more often. Maybe after next weekend, we will? Maybe one day I’ll even be convinced we could do it with a tent. Maybe I’ll meet up with my blogging mojo while we’re there, and I’ll be able to share the weekend with you.

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35 thoughts on “Have You Seen My MoJo?

  1. I hope that the weather is absolutely fantastic for you all. I am sure that you will have a great time with your friends – it is friends who make the great time time, not so much the weather (although it does help I know !!!)
    I have a few posts in my head – I just seem to be battling to find the time to post them now that I am going to bed at a reasonable hour most nights and all this food preparation – it takes forever to get done !
    I am sure you will get some great photos while you are away – you always do !
    Have the best day – great weather for going swimming if you make it there !

    • Thanks L! I am hoping for fantastic weather, too. We finally will have 2 nights and a couple of days to just relax and unwind (although judging by my packing list, it’s going to be a massive effort to get to the relaxing part!)

  2. How funny! I was thinking of writing a very similar Mojo header myself this week. I’ve been hiding out under my rock, lacking the spirit to drag myself to keyboard-town. Glad I came back though – it’s FUN over here! Hope you have fun over there and a good recharge ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Somehow I think the mojo may just return after the holiday.
    I so agree with you on the tent thing – it just should not be done!
    via #ibot

    • I think the mini-holiday will provide lots of blogging fodder, through things that happen and conversations we’ll have. I hope! Maybe that will get the creative juices flowing again. Thanks Bec ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I know how you feel about Mojo, I was looking over my first blog and realised that the last month has just been review posts without any inspiration. I am sure you will find your mojo on holidays! Team #IBOT

  5. Hoping the mojo returns soon x I’m still waiting for mine to hit, haha. No, I just can’t get into a rhythm but am sure it will happen one day, it can’t be forced. Enjoy your little cabin trip, am with you on the tent thing. I have managed to get out of any tent trips thus far but I know my time is coming soon.

  6. Hey, didn’t you just go on holiday??! I’m so jealous you’re off “cabining”. Sounds awesome! And as for camping and tents…it’s loads of fun! It’s a great way to get a little creative in the romance department too. But what would I know?? Ahems. You’ll get your mojo back, Aroha. You write too well for it to go too far xxx

    • Busted! We DID just go on holiday! And we booked this about 3 months ago so that we had something to look forward to in our post-holiday blues. I am so excited! We’ve never been away with other families before so this will be great! Thanks for your kind words Grace x

  7. I’m sure your blogging mojo is out cabbinning already and waiting for you.
    I have no choice about camping, because Boatman loves it. I have to love it too. And it actually does grow on you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I lost mine a few weeks ago, I just get too busy and sometimes life throws such difficult issues it’s easier to step back. Step back honey, rejuvenate, read others’ blogs for a little while, take a breath and wait. Don’t pressure yourself, inspiration will come. Oh, and have a monitor for me too x

  9. From the comments it sounds like many are looking for their lost mojo, myself included. I guess there’s always a reason but it’s different for everyone. I’ve psychoanalised it somewhat to conclude mine’s hiding partly due to lack of enough inspiration, lack of direction/focus, and too much pressure on myself. I hope you find yours soon. Enjoy “glamping”. Hubby would never go for tents either so I get it. ๐Ÿ˜œ

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