Thankful Thursday

I don’t know about you, but I find it really easy to feel down on my luck. To think I’m being screwed over by the universe/god/whoever is in control, with this infertility shit we are going through. I lost my dad way too young, now I can’t have a baby. Yes, the universe HATES me, my friends have everything I want and my life SUCKS.

This is the kind of mentality I’ve been having. I hate it. I don’t like having it, I do everything I can to push it out of my head – I run, I train, I cuddle up in bed with my baby little boy.

But today, I realise I would take my plight every day over many others. At the end of the day, I have the best little family. I am healthy. I have great family and friends. My husband and I have job security, a lovely roof over our heads, more luxuries than any one family could ever need. We are so, so very blessed/lucky/fortunate. Whatever you call it, I am thankful. I’m thankful that the hardest thing I face today is not being able to have another child. Because there are people who face chemotherapy today. There are people who face mental illness, physical ailments. People who face burying loved ones. People who face another day unemployed. People who face not being able to have a first child.

And when those ridiculous thoughts of how tough my life is start to creep into my mind. I will remember this. I will remember how much I have. Because life is about wanting and enjoying what we have now, not what we think we want, what we think we need or what we pine for.

And if all that I have isn’t enough to be thankful for (which it is, but for arguments sake, if it were not), I’m also thankful for my appointment at Stefan this afternoon. It is so long over due, and I’m going to look fab for my friend’s son’s birthday party Saturday and my birthday party Sunday!

I’m also thankful for morning views like this one.

What are you thankful for today? There’s always something, you just have to look hard enough. Link up with Kate Says Stuff and share!


13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Its wonderful that you have taken the time to write this, to try and see the rainbow through the rain. We all struggle and we all have our issues, and its OKAY to feel how you feel. I always have the mantra of, no matter how big or small someones issue is, if they are struggling with it then thats the biggest thing effecting them at that time. No matter what someone else is going through, this is your journey and if its upsetting you, its valid.
    BUT, saying that, sometimes we also need a reality check. To see the bigger picture.
    I am getting a bit lost here but I hope you see what i’m saying. Your pain/anger/hurt is VALID. But looking at it from the perspective you have written above is ALSO valid.
    Be true to your heart xx Sending love and positive vibes to you today xx

    • Thanks Meagan, I know exactly what you are saying! And yes, I know that our struggle and my emotions/feelings that go with it are valid. But I also know that I don’t want to dwell on it, and I need to acknowledge that in the grand scheme of things, our battles could be so very much worse, and I’m thankful they’re not. Thank you so much for your understanding and compassion.

  2. I really get this. Sometimes when I’m having a hard time with my little ones I find myself saying things like “Ugh this is a nightmare!’, but when I step back I realise that it isn’t a nightmare at all. Not being able to feed your children – that’s a nightmare. Nice post love xx

    • It’s so easy to think that though Catherine. You are not alone! I remember how hard I thought being a stay at home mum was. That first 18 months seemed brutal, but what I wouldn’t give to go back to it today! Thanks for your comment.

  3. I am going through chemotherapy but I agree 100% with Meagan.You don’t have to feel guilty for feelings about things affecting you. To each their own . A wise woman wrote If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours —–back.
    I know infertility and it does really hurt deeply. I hope you get your wish soon.

    • Thank you Trish. It was your post I read this morning that really helped put things in perspective for me today. Infertility does hurt, and I’m starting to feel like it can really drive a wedge in friendships and relationships. But no matter what we choose to do, we will be ok. And so will you! And yes, we would absolutely all grab our own problems right back. Love that quote. Thanks for your comment.

  4. When we battle something that we don’t have so much control over that brings great worry or grief or sadness, I find each day brings a new way of coping with it. Each time we think of something good or positive or supportive to our souls for a moment or a time we forget about and put away that thing that makes us ache. For me yesterday, it was prayer, today, its telling myself that I can move on, that I don’t have to think about the past. That I can be kind to myself, and that I don’t have to be worried or anxious. And reading posts like yours today. It’s lovely. X

  5. This is great. Perhaps you could make yourself a little pep-up poster with those things to appreciate on there when you need to remind yourself. Sometimes I get annoyed that the best way to see things better is only to think of those worse off! But most times, it works. I TT-posted about a sunset today! In a manner of speaking… 🙂 There IS a of it photo there.

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