Adding A Puppy

A long time ago, we told our son, Mr 5, “We can’t have a puppy, we live in a unit. When we move into a house, we can get a puppy.”

Fast forward a couple of years. We moved into a house.

“Mum? Dad? When can we get a puppy?” asks our son. Cue blank stare. How did he not forget about that?!

We told him “let’s have 6 months in the house, first. If you’re a good boy, we will talk about getting a puppy.” He still asks, often, when we are getting one, when we can get one, and if we are getting one today. “No, not today,” we respond.

But we I have been looking. While The Mechanic is not all that thrilled about getting a pup, I feel like it is inevitable, and I am excited about it. I always said if Mr 5 wasn’t getting a sibling, he needed a dog. I think every little boy needs a dog.

But what dog do we get? It’s the million dollar question. “Get a rescue dog” people say. “Get a rottweiler” my coworker says. “I’m getting a chocolate lab” another coworker says. “Don’t get a dog!” a friend with dogs says. Breeders are expensive, and you may have to go on a wait list. I don’t want to use a puppy farm.

So here are my questions, blogosphere, and IBOTers…how do we know what breed to get? How do we know where to get said breed from? More importantly, how do we make sure this is the right decision for us? All input is appreciated!

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17 thoughts on “Adding A Puppy

  1. Mmm so if you’re going to get one, I agree then you really have to do some research, think long term in regards to size, nature, activity level etc. They are expensive if you get ones with papers, between minimum $500 upwards for small dogs. You could try a rescue dog, a puppy that someone has abandoned. Worth having a look anyhow, maybe online? Not sure I could go to the AWL and look without buying all of them 😦 GOOD LUCK!

  2. We bought from a breeder, and even though we loved our dog to bits, I wouldn’t go that route again. Very expensive, and it did feel a bit like a puppy farm looking back. There’s a website, Pet Rescue, here in Australia, that have tons of rescued pets all over the place. They are also very helpful with questions that you might have. Good luck, so exciting. I even caught my husband drooling over the puppies in the Sunday paper, lol.

  3. ‘Groan’. I’m really hoping my kids decide that visiting their aunt’s dogs is enough! I’ve investigated how much a guinea pig would cost as an alternative if they ever get more insistent. At least it might keep the grass down in the backyard a little if we moved the cage around?!

  4. Perhaps get one on loan short-term, to see how it’ll work into your family life and if it’s possible since you guys work and obviously most of the clean-up will be left to the parents at the moment when the kid is young.

    It’s nice to have a dog to grow up with but as you already know, it’s a long-term commitment and no turning back one you get one! Unless you get to re-home it, but if someone is thinking about that before even getting one, then don’t even bother.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. We got Alfie through someone at work and then got Rosie from a breeder. They are lovely natured dogs but Rosie does like to investigate and wander off given half a chance. Made sure your property is fully fenced and that there is no way they can push through the bottom of the fence or you will be dog-proofing it like we have had to do.
    Be careful with rescued animals – sometimes they come with a lot of baggage from how they have been treated. Having said that I know that Deb has two wonderful rescued dogs.
    They certainly do add to your life – I love the company when both K and A are away but they do create work. Between feeding / watering / walking / training / picking up poos / playing with them – they do take up time. I think you all have to be fully committed to getting them otherwise it is hard.
    Good luck with your decision !!

  6. It’s all about what you want really. Do you want big or small, long coat or short coat? I grew up with Springer Spaniels as they are a great guard dog but also a great family dog and my husband and I bought a dog before we had children, but chose a breed that would be good with kids. We stuck with what we knew and got a Springer and Bentley is the best dog for our family. We went to a breeder and got to meet the litter and choose our puppy from the selection that weren’t going to be sold as show dogs.

  7. i think its like having kids – everyone is going to have an opinion and a very passionate one at that!! I would say find a few breeds you think you like and research the shiznit out of them; naturally you will work out things that won’t fit with your family and narrow it down to one that mostly fits in with your family 🙂
    we have had both rescue dogs and dogs from breeders. As someone said above, rescue dogs can have a lot of baggage, and they can also not, its a bit of a pot luck – but go through reputable rescue shelters (do you live near Deb Dane from Home Life Simplified? she got both of hers from a shelter I think!). We knew with our bulldogs we wanted a lazy loyal loving dog who don’t generally need much exercise, and as they naturally have a lot of trouble birthing, going through a breeder gave us some security that they were healthy and the parents were looked after – we went through the British Bulldog Club NSW to find a list of breeders then visited their homes to meet their dogs see the conditions etc – yes it was expensive, but the breed itself is expensive for the exact same reasons above.
    I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong, its what fits in best with your family. A dog will be a member of your family, and puppies especially require lots of love, attention and blinking effort, but its so worth it.

  8. a puppy??!!! that is crazy awesome – your little man will love it! I grew up with cute white balls of fluff (aka Miniature Maltese) and they are so perfect. But I can see you guys with a labrador, don’t know why….just can. Make sure you flood us with super cute pics when puppy arrives…. 😉 Josefa #teamIBOT

  9. Go to your local shelter or check out their websites and they will have all the animals personalities and compatibilities so you can sort of decide before you get there. Good luck.

  10. They have memories like elephants don’t they?! I am just waiting for the day when my youngest asks for one! When my brother was looking for a dog a while back he did a quiz to find out what one best suits him and his situation. I just found a quiz for you here, but there are heaps out there. Good luck!

  11. SO EXCITING! But lots of pressure to get it right. I strongly agree kids should grow up responsibly with pets. I don’t love the idea of most breeders and I do love the rescue thing but as you may have noticed it can also at times be fraught.

    Minding someone’s dog at your home while they go on holidays would be a great warm-up. There are in fact a couple of “Choose the right dog for you” sites out there such as this Please please please just make sure you get something with a brain, not just some cute-looking, inbred thing? Good luck I will be watching this space!

  12. Aroha, I’m going to say something you probably don’t want to hear…..get 2. We got twin sisters, and they are amazing company for each other. I don’t always have time to spend all day with them, but I know they’re never lonely.
    I know Deb’s 2 are great company for each other as well. It’s nice to know they’re never alone.
    Having said that, make sure you think of all that is involved. As much as I love Lola and Lulu, they are a lot of work!
    Good luck in your search hun x

  13. You know, I have a soft spot for King Charles Cavaliers. And they’re known for being particularly friendly with kids. Whatever you choose, I’m sure your puppy will make a wonderful addition to your family, Aroha x

  14. We have a Foxi and she is great with Dyllan. She also has lots of energy so is great with keeping up with him. We actually got her off Facebook. The people who were giving her away were moving into a house where they couldn’t take her. She’s gorgeous and I’m glad we made the decision to get a puppy.

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