Shit Aussies Say

Warning: This post contains the word “shit” more than 10 times. If that word offends you, please click away now. I don’t want to offend!

We have an English girl at work and we got to talking about funny Australian sayings. She had never heard the term “Boring as batshit” and thought it was hilarious. It made me start thinking about all the ways we use the word “shit” and gave me an idea for a blog post. These are sayings that I’ve heard (and used) often. The most important thing to tell our foreign friends, is that none of these should be taken literally.

Boring as Bat Shit – Pretty self explanatory. There’s not much that is more boring (or annoying when it gets on your car) than bat shit.

I don’t Give A Shit – Means I really could not care less about whatever it is that you’re talking about/is happening.

It gives me The Shits – The first time I used this phrase on an American I was asked if I needed to use a bathroom. They thought I literally had the runs!

Such a Shit Head – Essentially means the same as dickhead. Clearly you’ve done something stupid/annoying/ridiculous.

Little Shit – Mostly referring to little brat kids who for one reason or another are out of control.

I feel like/look like Rat Shit – Perfect for the morning after the night before.

I’m In the Shit – Means you have fucked up big time and someone is really cross at you. Usually it’s your partner or boss.

Beat The Shit Out of – Can be used a couple of ways. For example, “I am going to beat the shit out of you” or “add an egg and beat the shit out of it.” Could also be used as a response to a question, for example, “Why are you writing this blog post?” “Beats the shit out of me” (meaning I have NO IDEA).

Shit-Faced – This does not mean to have shit on your face. That would be gross. Getting “shit-faced” is the same as getting drunk. Not to be confused with getting crunk, which is for a different blog post, entitled “Ghetto sayings.”

Can you think of other shit Aussies say that foreigners might misinterpret?

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33 thoughts on “Shit Aussies Say

  1. Love shit head it’s one of my favs – in fact I love ALL of these – and shits not really an offense word anymore is it? It’s become almost comical?! Or perhaps I’m just very uncouth! You forgot shit sandwich, that is what I tell me husband he’s getting for dinner when I can’t be bothered cooking – yep uncouth! xx

  2. Died in the arse.. We were met with blank looks whenever we said it in the UK, I didn’t even realise til then it was an Australian thing 😉

  3. love it! love it!! I did see one of those ecards recently that said something along the lines of “Who decided exactly that bat shit is indeed boring?” lol….

  4. Love it! My favourite sarcastic comment to someone stating the bleeding obvious, “No shit Sherlock”. Then there is dead shit, dumb shit, gotta love our aussie slang 🙂

    • Ahhh yes, how could I over look dead shit and dumb shit? And I like no shit sherlock too! I had a hard time knowing which ones would be more world-wide general and which was more Aussie. Maybe it’s all Aussie!? Thanks for the extra ones!

  5. Cracked the shits.

    I thought this was pretty self explanatory except that my American friend made a joke about running to the bathroom. He guessed what I meant due to the context it was said it but he thought he’d throw in his line anyway. I’ve taught him a lot of Australian sayings, come to think of it!

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