One More River

“One more river, one more river, but I still have a long way,
One more river, one more river, but I still have a long way to, go!”

Ahhhh James Reyne, I don’t know WHY your lyrics just came to me, but they did! I don’t even know what that song means.

I’ve got one more river final exam to go before I’m done with my first semester of my masters in marketing. My first of four semesters I’ll need to complete to get my degree. And here I am thinking, “Why on EARTH am I doing this!?” Tonight’s exam was 40% of the final grade, comprised of 4 questions worth 10 points each. I am not sure how much information our convener was expecting in those answers for a measly 10 points each, but surely not the 2-3 pages one of my class mates was anticipating writing?  I think I eked out 3.5 pages total, for the 4 questions. And to be honest, he half page answer was more BS than MKG. Some would argue it’s the “same thing.”

While I’d love to give up, that will only delay the process. If I give up now, I give up for good. No going back. If I’d just kept going 4 years ago when I finished my graduate certificate, I’d have completed my degree two years ago. See what quitting does? Delays the inevitable.

I know what my problem is. I am too distracted. Distracted by work Facebook, exercise Candy Crush, family TV.  Nothing that stimulates my brain, only “dumbens” it (I swear dumben/dumbin is a word! See! Proof!). When it comes to studying school work I have very little interest and very little attention. I can’t read an entire chapter of a text book and actually retain any information. As it was, to even get 3.5 pages of answers in tonight’s exam, I needed to re-write the answers (after being given generous “hints” on what was on the exam) several times before being able to remember any of it!

I didn’t have this problem in my undergrad studies because the distractions were so few and so far between. There were no smart phones. Heck I didn’t even have a mobile phone until after I graduated.


Yep, I just went there. “When I walked uphill to school, both ways, barefoot in the snow” life was much simpler. I could study without worrying if I was missing out on an important Facebook update from a friend or family member. I could read study notes without wondering what I should be blogging about. I could read a text book and REMEMBER WHAT IT SAID! There was no such thing as having 8 tabs open on your internet browser. Half the time you were lucky if you could even get the damn thing to connect before someone called you and took up your phone line! [Insert that dial-up internet tone here].

If my son just gets through school and even considers university, I’ll be one proud parent. With all the distractions of life these days, things sure are harder than they used to be.

I feel old. Too old to be stressing out over taking exams. How am I going to get through 3 more semesters life without dumbing my brain into a complete coma? How do you remember shitze you need to regurgitate at a later date?

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9 thoughts on “One More River

  1. I actually still have one year of my Masters left and not sure if I’m ever going back to uni to complete it. Just keep going, and soon, you will get to the end. You’re completed 1 sem, just a few more! Good luck in the rest of your papers 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. You make such a good point about distractions for our kids!!! SHITBURGERS, let’s move to the countryside where they have dial-up only! I have nothing to give, the thought of studying does appeal but not having to remember shiz x

  3. I have a good short-term memory, so what I used to do at Uni is get up at 4 am before he exam, go through everything, pass the exam… and then if you asked me anything 3 hours later I wouldn’t have a clue. Not a great way to learn anything, but for perfect for those subjects that you’re not interested in anyway, but you have to do to get your degree. Good luck with it!

  4. How the times have changed! I’ve been wanting to go back to study for a while but I know, like you, how hard it will be to knuckle down and push through it. I can’t even stay off facebook, instagram and snapchat during my 7 hour work day. Ridiculous. Our poor kids, digital natives, won’t know any different. 😦

  5. Study is tough with kids! You are so right About the multitude of things that we are distracted by. I try to study by turning stuff off to concentrate, doesn’t always work though ! Keep persevering!

  6. I have no advice for retaining information! I have a brain like a sieve!
    I had that song in my head as soon as I read the title. I haven’t heard any James Reyne for ages.
    Good for you on going for your marketing masters xx

  7. Woohoo! One more exam! I honestly don’t know how you do it. Weapons of mass distraction is right! I have to be so strict on myself when writing and not open up any other tabs 🙂 Good luck with the exam.

  8. Oh Aroha your paragprah on walking uphill in the snow had me in hysterics – I love that. I don’t know how you do it. I barely remember what day it is, where I am or what I should be doing on most days – let alone study for an exam!! Distraction is easier than concentration in this world xx Josefa #teamIBOT

  9. My ability to retain information is definitely getting worse. I used to be able to remember peoples phone numbers without a drama, now I struggle. I think we just get used to having everything at our fingertips.

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