The Eye Roll

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I find myself rolling my eyes a lot lately.  A LOT.

Here’s a list of things I roll them at:

At the news. Another coward punch! When will people learn? And brothers, no less.

At Facebook comments, when people don’t read the actual news article that was posted, but comment. Or when they do read the article, but don’t actually do any homework to see if the news outlet is actually doing its job properly.

Also at FB when people share things they haven’t Snopes-proofed yet. Don’t know what snopes is?

giphy (1)

At Home and Away ads. Really? ANOTHER tragedy and death??? I’ve never known any town, let alone a sleepy beach-side town, with so much drama! And I lived in the US for 11 years.

At my husband. You’re sick, but going to work anyway? It’s 38 degrees and 11:30 am and you’re going to mow the lawn NOW? And a whole host of other things. He gets not only a lot of eye rolls, but also a lot of blank stares.

giphy (4)

Quite often at my 6 year old. Oh look, another tantrum over something so ridiculously trivial, how WILL he handle adulthood?!

At the dog. Is that ANOTHER hole in the back yard and did she really just lick my feet – AGAIN!?

At my personal trainer when she asks for 3 lots of 100 punches…each then drop setting by 20.

At the Woolies check out person who gives you the 1 animal card you’ve “earned”. Seriously, just give me a stack!

At yet another Woolies animal card program!!! We have 6 books already!

giphy (3)

I roll my eyes at political correctness. I think it’s gone just a little bit far. HOWEVER…

I also roll my eyes at people who are blatantly and out-right ANTI-political correctness. “My country, if you don’t like it leave!” for example. Because you know, that solves ALL THE PROBLEMS.

The cost of petrol. Well, until recently anyway. It’s been the cheapest in years lately. Which in itself deserves an eye roll. Scammers!

I saved the best for last. The MOST eye rolls go to – The Government! And when I say Government, I mean both parties! All people involved! The biggest group of whinging, name-calling, finger-pointing, blame-shifting, self-indulging (and self-rewarding) A$$HOLES on the planet. I used to be proud to call Australia home. I used to be proud of the way our government put its citizens first. I lived in the US for 11 years and boasted about our FREE HEALTHCARE. Nothing is free. Least of all healthcare. Disenchanted doesn’t begin to even cut it.

giphy (2)

And so there you have it. A list of things I’ve recently been rolling my eyes at.

What makes you roll your eyes?

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11 thoughts on “The Eye Roll

  1. Those bloody animal cards. Every time they bring them out my newsfeed fills with ‘I’m chasing cards 4,5,90 etc’. Most of them their kids aren’t even old enough to care what the hell they are. Mr 5 likes the cards, but I didn’t tell him that we have to collect them so he’s happy to just look at them.

  2. Love all those eye rolls and you are so right, there are so many things to roll our eyes at – I am however, in serious competition with Miss Yin who is the eye-rolling queen – mostly directly at me!

  3. Ba ha ha, I was commenting to my husband about the soapie end of season disasters. Can’t actors just go on a really long holiday to end their contract? It’s a bit of a standing joke. I remember when a plane crash wiped out two entire families on Neighbours about 10 years ago!

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