A-Z Of Me: Part I

I’ve seen a few bloggers doing an “A to Z of Me” and I decided (3 months ago but I’m just getting around to it) today that I would jump on the bandwagon with them. Mostly because I thought, “There’s no way I could think of 26 words to describe me!” Challenge accepted, self! To keep it short and maybe a bit more attention grabbing, I’ll do 6 letters a week and post every Tuesday in September. Right, let’s get started!

A is for Aroha. Because that is my name! Cop out? Ok fine, A is for Active, something I’ve tried to be over the past 12 months. From personal training, to tennis, to running, I’ve tried to be as active and as fit as possible. It’s a far cry from where I was the first 4 years of my son’s life, which was lazy, overweight and unmotivated!

B is for Balanced. I finally feel like I have somewhat of a balance between working, being a mum, being a wife, and looking after myself. There are only so many hours in the week. Sometimes you just have to say “no” and prioritize.

C is for Caring. It took me a while to come up with this one. Calm? Not really. Centered? Hmmm, nope! Creative? Definitely NOT! But I do care. A lot. I like to think I am compassionate (ooh another C!), thoughtful, and caring to not just those closest to me, but everyone I meet.

D is for Delightful. I ummed and ahhhed about this one, because honestly, I’m not sure how “delightful” I am, but I think overall I am a pretty pleasant person to be around, and I try to make people smile and laugh. I thought about determined, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. The only thing I’m ever truly determined to do is crawl in bed and go to sleep.

E is for Envious. In the interest of keeping this list real, I am often envious. I don’t think being envious is a negative thing. I think there’s a difference between envious and flat out jealous. I can be envious of people while still being happy for them, and not wishing them ill will. I think that’s the difference?? Sounded better in my head, anyway!

F has to be for Fantastic. Doesn’t it? Or Fabulous? I was going to say “funny” but I’m really more sarcastic, which not everyone thinks is funny, so I’ll save that for the S’s. As you do!

There you have it, the first installment. I might make up a poster of all these words when I’m done. If not to remind myself how wonderful I am, then to at least remind my husband and son, lest they forget. Have you done an “A-Z of Me”? Post a link in the comments! I’d love to read!

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36 thoughts on “A-Z Of Me: Part I

  1. Oh this is a great idea! and I’m glad it is a few letter each week – much better way to tackle it! You ARE creative!! Have you not looked at your photography images lately?? Can’t wait to see just how creative you are this afternoon x Josefa from #teamIBOT

  2. What a great prompt. I am often envious, in fact recently we very nearly decided to sell our investment property to have a brand new house because I am envious of other peoples nice new house. I also share you A for active 🙂

  3. Your doing a fantastic job so far, and I look forward to the rest of your posts, so much so that I may even jump on the band wagon to 🙂 happy Spring time lovely

  4. I’m with you I am making a big effort to be more active this year. It’s September already and I think I have made huge changes that my husband keeps telling me I’m proud of too.

    PS I get a little envious at times too

  5. Aroha, you are soooo creative! I agree with Josefa! Your photos are amazing! I hope I meet you in person one day! I want to see the fantastic and fabulousness that is Aroha!

    • Thank you so much Grace! I hope to get to meet you too! Not sure if I’ll get to see anyone who is coming for Pro Blogger as I’m not going, my sister is moving 13 hours away and leaves on the Sunday, so I’ll be spending as much time with her and my niece as possible. But you never know where I might pop up! 😉

  6. I have to agree with the other ladies about you having creativity. You have this blog don’t you? Not all creativity is expressed in colours, and painting, sometimes it’s through being able to weave a story with your words.

  7. Really nice to meet you tonight Aroha – and I can tell you are delightful and caring. I like the idea of the A-Z list of characteristics – a nice way to stop and think about strengths and maybe the odd flaw, because I don’t think we tend to think in complimentary terms about ourselves very often (I know I don’t). Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet – you are probably going to have to be zany you know!

  8. Great idea – I love that you have only done a few letters at a time – easier to read and take in !!
    Have the best day and thanks for a great evening last night !

  9. Oh I envy u for yr balance, which is such a tricky thing to,achieve. It would be so delightful, I’d feel so fabulous and I’d be able to be more caring, like u Aroha instead of a mad mama chasing her tail x

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