I Must Confess : I Seriously Can’t Wait!

Some mums might feel guilty. Some might feel anxious at the idea. Some mums might even turn down the opportunity, for fear of being away. Me? I can’t flipping wait! What am I talking about? GIRLS NIGHT OUT!


Oh but this is no regular girls night out. This is PINK! And staying overnight in the city! And not rushing home the next day for early morning wake ups, breakfast making, bed making and grocery shopping.

There will be 6 of us going and 5 of us are mums. Early check in, a few bubbles and cheese platters, dinner out, the concert, hopefully a sleep-in followed by a yummy breakfast completely prepared by someone else…it sounds perfect! I wish it happened once a month, instead of once a year!

I really think if I could, I’d have a night away often. I never realised before how much I love, and need, my time to myself. Time away from my husband and son. I don’t think that makes me a bad mum or wife, in fact, I think having the time away makes me a better one. But I know I’m pretty lucky to have a husband who is understanding and obliging, who wants to see me happy and not only supports me but encourages me to take these opportunities.

When was the last time you had a girls night out and stayed out all night?

And have you seen Pink?!!?

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16 thoughts on “I Must Confess : I Seriously Can’t Wait!

  1. Ooh have loads of fun I love Pink. Have been to see her once in concert and was amazed by her show she is fabulous. As for a night out I can’t remember when my last one was but I am meeting my 2 best friends for a whole day and night in London at the weekend. So flipping excited haven’t seen them for over a year. Yey xxx

  2. For the last 5 years or so, I have had an annual girls’ weekend with a bunch of about 10 friends – we usually go up the Coast although this year we stayed on Straddie. It’s always such a blast, I think we all need time out like this!

  3. I’ve never actually had a girls night out where I’ve stayed overnight or all weekend. I find socialising for long periods of time draining, even with close friends. I’m an extreme introvert and have Asperger’s. A day out is long enough for me and I think I will organise that very soon. I also LOVE alone time at home, when my husband takes the kids out.

    Enjoy your weekend and the PINK concert. I’m sure you will! xo

  4. I love having time-out. Going away to the Digital Parents Conferences last year and this year were absolutely wonderful. I do try to have a night away a couple of times a year, last year while studying I booked in to a motel in our town and had a night to myself to study uninterrupted and sleep. I got takeaway, watch a movie and studied til 4 am without having to worry or feel guilty.
    Have a fantastic time away XXX

  5. How excitement alright?! I get more girls nights out than most I know – the only thing is I usually have to rush home in the morning – UGH! I bet you’re just hanging out – can’t wait to hear (and see) all about it x

  6. I’m so jealous of you right now! I’ve gone out to dinner a few times with friends but I haven’t stayed out overnight away from my kids for a year or so now. It’s about time that I took some more time out for myself. Have a fabulous, fabulous time Aroha!

  7. Having moved 4000 km or more away from my girlfriends I miss girls nights out. Haven’t really found a girly group to hang out with since moving to Perth and not sure where to start looking to be honest.

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