Beautiful Skies

We finally got some gorgeous weather, even if it was only for one day.


Blue sky makes me happy. So does finishing a run! It’s easy when you have the view below to get moving.


Never thought I’d be a skate park mum, but Nick loves riding his scooter and isn’t the least bit worried about the big boys and their bikes and skateboards.
I on the other hand have frequent heart attacks.


That was how we spent our Sunday after it dropped another 50mm or so of rain on Saturday. I wish every day was Sunday morning.

Because Sunday afternoons, I work. Late Sunday at work, I was treated to a magical sunset. These kinds of sunsets are how I got my blog name.


Then Monday morning I left for work early, only to be treated to this sunrise. What is it about winter that produces the most amazing skies?

photo 2-1

Linking up with Jess for IBOT, of course!

38 thoughts on “Beautiful Skies

  1. What absolutely gorgeous shots. There is nothing that makes me smile more than clear blue sky’s and a sunset (except maybe a rainbow). Funnily, I came up with the name of Sunset Pools for my husbands business – we are on a similar wavelength I think 🙂
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    • I wanted Chasing Sunset but it was taken (by someone who’s never used it) and they (WP) can’t/won’t do anything about it. Was bummed, so I thought “What is it about sunset I love? The colours!” I love clear blue skies and rainbows, too! x

    • Well this time hubby was there, so he watched mostly. I would rather not watch, but then I think if I don’t, that’s when he’ll fall and I won’t see it to do the mad dash to his side! yes, that sunrise was amazing. no filter on that!

    • Oh I could too! Especially ones like this one. I had other pics, that I’d taken in the half hour beforehand, thinking they were beautiful but compared to those last 15 minutes, they were quite boring!

  2. Stunning images Aroha, and superb colours in that sunrise. I’m also a total sucker for the magic of skies and nature’s palette. I’m always stopping to take shots of clouds or leaves on the ground and I honestly don’t care what people are thinking!

    • he he, yeah I do it too! to get the reflection I had to stand on a bridge that had no sidewalk over it and I’m sure the people who drove by were wondering what the crazy woman was doing!

  3. Beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking!!! I love this time of year for all the pretty colours the sky produces in the early mornings and late afternoons.
    You’ve captured them well, Aroha!

  4. Just beautiful pics Aroha – are you on the Gold Coast too? I really love getting up for the sunrise on these clear, crisp mornings and stopping to appreciate the sunsets. Since you love sunsets I thought I’d attach a link to video I did up with my favourite sunrises and sunsets – I called it my yinyang clock, since I blog as yinyangmother.

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