My Wallet Overfloweth

This is ridiculous. I can barely get my wallet done up. It is overflowing! If only it was with CASH…


Let’s see … 25 cards. 12 of them for shopping! 14 if you include the flybys and everyday rewards. The only real necessities? License, organ donor, debit and health and medicare cards. 5/25. I’ve had a cull, and am here to say the only shopping cards that made the cut were Katies and Jeanswest. My wallet will probably last 5 years longer.

How many cards do you carry? Which ones would make the cull for you? 

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9 thoughts on “My Wallet Overfloweth

  1. I was recently introduced to the app “Stocard” – I keep meaning to write a post on it as it has totally changed my wallet life, I now carry an oroton mans business card wallet with my credit cards and license as all my cards are now stored on my phone.

  2. I’ve just done the same – but I use lots of loyalty cards – coffee, movies, frozen yoghurt etc, so I’ve got those cards in a separate card wallet which I keep in my hand bag. Now my purse is managable but I’ve always got the cards I need.

  3. I have same problem. I’ve stopped carrying the shopping ones and get them to look me up on their computer instead. It’s just too heavy!!!
    I do know someone who removed the not-so-critical ones from their wallet and punched a hole in the corner and attached them all to a key ring which sat at the bottom of her handbag.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. I did a cull a while ago, most of them I didn’t even use. I kept the everyday rewards, as I do most of my shopping at woollies and ahem BWS. I should have kept my loyalty card from the hardware store though. I kick myself now when I go there.

  5. My wallet is ridiculously out of control!! SO much so that I even have a separate little card wallet for all my store cards! I would hate to add up how many I have!

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