Politics Is Ugly

Politicians don’t need any help making their profession look ugly. They do a good enough job of that all on their own. Yet with the election in the US just a day away, everyone seems to be doing their part to show just how ugly politics really is. It really brings out the absolute worst in everyone.

We have a lot of family and friends in the US and as such a lot of them are on my Facebook feed. I’m starting to question how some of them made it on my friends list to start with. Not because of the candidate they support, but because of the way they go about supporting them.

Ginger at Ramble Ramble summed it up a while ago in a really great blog post here.

It happens every 4 years. People hurl insults at the candidates and those “stupid” enough to support them. They are quick to point out the weaknesses of the other candidate. They’re not willing to concede one inch to the other side. I’m guilty of it too, to an extent. I don’t understand how anyone could even consider voting for Romney/Ryan. I feel like this because I find his views and opinions to be extremely old fashioned and purely religious-based. I believe firmly in a separation of Church and State. You can’t, and shouldn’t, run a multi-religional, multicultural country on one religion’s foundations alone. If you want to be anti-gay marriage or pro-life because your bible says so, then that is really up to you, but to enforce biblical beliefs through state laws is wrong. Typically, republicans would like the rich to get richer, and the poor to suffer. Well, that’s not true, they want the poor to do more to make themselves UN-poor, which anyone who has ever been poor knows, is not just that simple.

The disgusting thing about people who don’t like Obama is that they seem to not like him because of the colour of his skin, his name, the religion they accuse him of being (Muslim, though I’m pretty sure he’s a Christian). I have seen people on Facebook say he “Hates America” and isn’t even American himself. Four years he’s been insulted by people insisting he show his papers to prove his citizenship. Four years he’s been bullied by idiots like Donald Trump who want to take the attention off Obama’s accomplishments and put them on something petty and childish, like the long-buried discussion over Obama’s nationality. Someone please get Trump a dead horse, he seems to like beating them!

When anti-Obama people talk about him, they talk about how his name sounds like a terrorist, they say he’s a Muslim, they call him Anti-American. They don’t talk about how he saved the auto industry. Which ironically, a lot of my republican in-laws have worked in or at least live in the city most affected by it. They don’t talk about his revolutionary health care reform that makes it more affordable than ever, for more people. They don’t talk about him bringing home the troops from Iraq. They don’t talk about the jobs created.

It seems people expected Obama to come in in 4 years, clean up the mess that it took 8 (+) years to create.

It’s hard to know who and what to believe. Every time there’s a debate, everyone thinks their guy won. Every time there’s a poll, it is either heavily biased to one side or shows a “dead lock”. What happens come Wednesday morning is anyone’s guess.

For many reasons, I’m glad we no longer live in the US. There are times I miss it with all my being. There are times, like election time, that I’m thankful we’re not there. Elections are divisive, and can turn friends into enemies. Ironic that something as liberating as the right to vote, the privilege to vote, is so divisive, yet something as tragic as a terrorist attack brings the country together. What is wrong with this picture?

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20 thoughts on “Politics Is Ugly

  1. i think you hit the nail on the head – they expected him to clean up the mess quickly, which he never promised he would do, he did promise he would work towards fixing things, which he has done in the midst of other major events. I know that this election is quite important for their country, and i have been watching with interest, trying to ignore, like you said the bitter words people are throwing around.

    • he’s done a lot with what he was handed. there are no quick fixes in times like we’ve been through. The worst part is people don’t bother to educate themselves, they just believe the spin fed to them and take it as gospel.

  2. The Obama bashing is horrendous. It really seems that people are never happy, regardless of what is done for them! Either that or they just harbour absolutely ridiculous expectations x

  3. I feel sorry for politicians, the media just makes them scapegoats for everything. I guess they do choose it, but people feel like they have a right to speak so badly about another human. 😦

    • I don’t know that I feel sorry for them, but the personal attacks are certainly uncalled for. It’s one thing to not agree with a politician based on his stance on the issues, it’s another to criticise his or her race, religion, family or personality.

  4. It’s a little bit fascinating to watch the coverage of US presidential elections, but only in so much as it’s kinda like not being able to look away from a car crash! I do find it appalling the close-mindedness of some Americans (and Australians for that matter) though, and the way they will dismiss and justify anything and everything to support their candidate of choice. Some of them are so hard-core they would defend a rapist or muderer if they were running for their chosen party. I am with you on not knowing how anyone could vote for Romney/Ryan though. Anyone that is against universal health care is a dickhead in my well-educated opinion (she says with tongue firmly in cheek). The argument that the hand -outs will ruin the economy is pretty bullshit when your economy was already sinking before the health care reforms came in.

    • The statements and arguments that have come out about abortion and rape and some of the ideas these morons have – like a woman’s body not being able to get pregnant from rape or a child conceived of rape was God’s will – is unbelievable. Tell that to the woman being raped! Don’t get me started (obviously! ha!). The only people who don’t like the handouts are, as usual, the people who don’t need or get them.

  5. I’m fascinated with US politics (my honours thesis was on Richard Nixon!) but it is sad to see how personal politics is getting now, both here and in the US. I 100% agree with you on the separation of church and state and that religious beliefs shared by some, not all, should not result in legislation for all. I hope Obama gets a final term and I hope he can gain some bi-partisan support for his policies along the way. I shudder to think what will happen if Romney and Ryan get up (the same way I shudder at the thought of Abbott getting the top job here!)

  6. I’ve been paying close attention to what the media (i.e. ABC radio) has been saying. It’s very interesting. And you know, I keep thinking of you the whole time because I know how passionate you are about US politics.
    I’m a big Obama supporter. And yup, the insults and bashing has to stop. But it won’t. It’s politics. And for a country where voting isn’t compulsory, it’s very sad that people resort to the subjective, personal stuff rather than think about what’s really good for their country.

    • Gee I might have ranted about it a bit too much if you think of me when you see it! ha! On the one hand it amazes me how many people don’t vote in the US, but with that population it would be hard to enforce mandatory voting. But I also can understand why they don’t, and why they would feel their vote doesn’t count, because the way it’s done, votes don’t necessarily count. My democratic vote wouldn’t have made a different in republican Georgia. Still, if you want your voice to be heard at all, you still need to vote!

  7. I agree with your statements regarding Romney and the separation of Church and State. America will be a very different country with the likes of him at the helm. Obama needs more than one term to fix the mess caused by his predecessors. It’s unfair to expect anything of him in just 4 years.

    All of my US FB friends are Democrat supporters and are frantically blocking their Republican family and friends, who quite frankly, are proving themselves to be quite obnoxious. It’s sad that people are being torn apart by this. Whatever happened to healthy, rational debate without the mud-slinging?

    • I have to admit there are a couple of republican friends of mine that I’ve blocked. Maybe I’ll unblock them after the election – if Obama is re-elected. If Romney is voted in, I’ll wait until the middle of next year to unblock! Politics really brings out the passion in people and it is not always rational, healthy or friendly when criticising others beliefs, which is what most political stances come down to – what you believe.

    • Australian politics is much worse in my opinion. In the US, the attacking really only goes on during campaigning/election time, which stops after the election. Our pollies attack and bully each other year-round!

  8. I find it amazing that Americans get so involved in politics, unlike us Aussies who seem content to just bag out everyone!
    I honestly have not seen enough of either candidate to have an opinion, but I have always liked Obama

  9. Great post, I don’t pay much attention to it all, but I will be glad when it is over. Watching the political circus over there makes me question how they are considered such a powerhouse. One wonders if the could organise a party in a brewery.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

    • I’ve been thinking about the campaigning and election hoo-ha, and I have often thought “who is running the country right now?!?!” the incumbent has to deal with all the campaigning bullshit AND be on call for you know, any national emergency that may arise (like Hurricane Sandy!).

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