Week 44 {52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life} With Deb @ Home Life Simplified

Deb doesn’t really need to give me any more reasons to love her and her blog, but she did – she is talking about Christmas! For this week’s edition of 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life, we are getting organised for the holidays! You know it’s only 7 weeks away, right? That is practically no time at all!

But it’s hard for me to think about Christmas at the moment, because between now and then, I will have a new baby niece! She is due December 9, which leaves Christmas a little bit up in the air at this stage. As any new mum will know, the weeks after giving birth can be very difficult. You’re adjusting to so many new things, probably not sleeping well, and often don’t know your heard from your ass.

I admit in the past, I’ve been somewhat of a Grinch. Before we had Nick, Christmas didn’t mean much to me. But now that we have a 4 year old, it has taken on a whole different meaning. This year has just gone SO FAST. Last year he finally seemed to “get it” – Santa, presents, Christmas eve, etc. Now here we are again, just 7 weeks away from doing it all over.

Last year we hosted a Christmas Eve dinner at our place for 13 people (including Nick) and it was a little cramped, but it was great to have family over. Christmas Day The Mechanic flew to the US at 6 am to visit his family, leaving me and Nick to have breakfast with my family then spend the rest of the day together. I wasn’t bothered by it and it was quite nice to not be rushing off to lunch and dinner like my sisters have to with their in-laws.

No one has really talked about what will happen this year, partly because we’re in denial that it’s so close, and partly because we’re waiting to see when my niece is born. Also, we have so many things on between now and Christmas we’re just trying to get through them one at a time. I’d love to host Christmas Eve dinner again, but need to get the ball rolling on that if we are going to. Christmas dinner for us usually involves ham off the bone, hot roast chicken, sometimes turkey, with salads and roast vegetables. Pavlova, chocolate cream log, fruit salad and other yummy deserts usually follow. It’s not a small production, as you can see from last year’s pics and last year’s menu. My sister who is having the baby usually helps with several dishes, but I wouldn’t expect her to chip in like that this year. My mum, last year, brought about 12 pieces of ham for 12 people, so I’m not entirely sure I can rely on her help! My motto is “I’d rather eat left overs for a week than people leave hungry.”

The decorations will be up before anyone else’s, because come the end of November, we won’t be able to help ourselves and certainly can never wait for the 1st of December. The only problem this year is that where our Christmas tree used to go, there is now a big fish tank (geez, thanks Deb for bringing this up now as I hadn’t even thought of that?!). The tree is always decked in blue and silver, and nothing else can be added to this. My obsession has landed me the title of “Tree Snob” in the past, but I don’t care, that is how it has to be. We have a second, smaller tree for all “other” decorations (no, I’m not joking!).

I’m usually on top of the gift buying, too. But again, this year, not one thing has been bought as yet and really, I don’t even know what I’m going to buy. I went back and looked at blog posts about Christmas from last year, and had forgotten about some of the Christmas decos I bought in Myer’s post-Christmas sale. There’s a train advent calendar so I need to get things to put in that for Nick, and I don’t even know what goes in advent stuff!

Ok, a to-do list for tomorrow, when I have some time to sit down and do it:

  • Choose a Christmas Card. I’ve designed 4, just don’t know which to use.
  • Check last year’s Christmas Card list.
  • Get on snapfish or similar site and create grandparents calendars and other photo gifts to print.
  • Figure out where the tree is going to go.
  • Scour the growing collection of catalogues for Nick’s present(s). I’d like to get him a boogie board for the surf. That’s about as far as I’ve got.
  • Scour the growing collection of catalogues for our Secret Santa gifts.
  • Look at the calendar and check when I am working, when Nick’s at school, when The Mechanic’s holidays start and stop (they close down for 3 weeks!!).

I’ve contacted my cousin to organise a get together with her side of the family. I also need to find out what my dad’s sister and her family have planned so we can see them at some point. I’d like to do the shopping sooner rather than later. I *hate* (yes it’s a strong word, but fitting) shopping centres at Christmas time. It’s ridiculous!

I think I’m about as prepared as I can be at this point, thanks to this week’s challenge of making me actually start thinking about it! Thanks Deb!

2 thoughts on “Week 44 {52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life} With Deb @ Home Life Simplified

  1. Lalalalalalalalala – I don’t want to hear about how close Christmas is – I’m not ready for it !!!!!! Not even close to thinking about it !!!
    And, now with the whole bloody family debacle, I don’t know that I am really interested in doing anything. We used to alternate Christmas lunch with A’s brother and family and us – one year their place, next year our place. Last year they went to her sister instead of coming to us and that is totally fine – I get that. But am thinking that given Christmas is not a big thing in our family (no small children to make it what it is) and it’s the year that my folks go to my brother and his wife, maybe the 3 of us will go out to a hotel / restaurant for lunch – that way I don’t have to worry about left overs – what dishes have sugar / wheat / dairy in them – I can order what I want to eat without offending anyone.
    Have a fantastic week !

  2. We are so the same in regards to Xmas trees, I have a rules with my big one too. And then I give a smaller one for the kids to ‘decorate’. I think it’s a great idea. I’m lucky that because we have 3 kids and no one else does that everyone has to come here!!!

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