Stream of Consciousness

A while ago I followed in someone’s footsteps and posted a stream of consciousness. I thought I’d try it again. With a lot of changes going on around here lately, I have had a lot on my mind. We have finally moved from a unit to a house and given our 5 year old the back yard I’ve dreamed of him having – a huge one, with plenty of room to ride his bike, his scooter, play…and so far it has lived up to every expectation. It’s also completely drained our finances. It always seems to come back to money with us. Well, to spending money. Along with moving expenses – bond, removalists, etc. – we needed a new outdoor setting and a new BBQ, since being in a unit we didn’t have those things. And even though we are only renting and didn’t buy, we’ve still had several trips to Bunnings over the last two weeks for one thing or another. Oh, we also needed to buy a lawn mower – no need for one of those in a unit after all!

So we have spent the last two weeks on school holidays and adjusting to our new “home”. There hasn’t been much of a routine, and Nick has thoroughly enjoyed having somewhat free range of the outdoor area. But in just a couple of days, school is going back, gymnastics and tennis lessons will start again, there will be homework – more serious than the first semester. I wonder how much time we will be spending here at home.

Nick wants a puppy dog. I wouldn’t mind a dog. The Mechanic has no interest in having a dog, but I think it would be good for Nick. On the other hand, I come back around to asking “how much will we be home?” I don’t want to be that house that has the dog at home on its own barking its head off all day. I also don’t think it’s fair for a dog to have to spend so much time on it’s own, although there’s sufficient outdoor area for a dog and undercover area also in the case of bad weather. But it is so much more responsibility! Not that we “get up and go” anywhere right now, but the thing is, we could if we wanted to! And if we did get a puppy, what kind would we get? I’d rather an older one that is already at least semi-trained, but there is something special about having a dog since it was a pup.

We have told Nick he can’t have one for 6 months, which would take us to a couple of months before Christmas. So we are going to have to see how things are going by then. I still have to get through his 6th birthday party, getting my permanent front tooth, and quite a few more uni papers and exams before I can even start to think about it! Yet here it is, invading my stream of consciousness. It’s funny, as its not even one of the many things that (I thought) had been on my mind!

We will be entertaining over the next couple of weekends, and I can’t wait to share our new space with friends. I think after that though I’d like to just have  a few quiet weeks where we don’t have to do anything around the house or have people over. I cooked a hot breakfast for 7.5 people for Easter and it was quite hectic. Easter isn’t even that big a deal in our house. I have seen pictures on FB and IG of people who put flour down in the shape of bunny paws and left chocolate from the Easter bunny. It is nothing like Christmas for us, which is a far bigger deal with “Santa” and the reindeer etc. Nick didn’t even seem perturbed that the bunny didn’t come over night last night. He got heaps of chocolate Friday and he was more than happy with that.

I find it interesting that as a generally non-religious country, we put such an emphasis on Easter and Christmas – two of the most religious holidays you could get! I have friends who readily admit to not having the time/desire/interest to go to church, yet they’ve had their Good Friday Fish, Sunday roast, the Easter bunny came overnight last night, and this weekend is all about “Easter”! We have chocolate, but we don’t go overboard for this holiday, even though my husband and son are both technically Catholic. Gosh, we can’t even get the Twice-A-Year Catholic thing right!

In any case, in true Aussie fashion, the husband has enjoyed a 4-day weekend, and I have enjoyed the benefits of living in a country where public holiday = double time and a half pay. It’s win-win for everyone!

How did you spend your Easter? Do you like writing a stream of consciousness? 

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30 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. Lovely post Aroha, congrats on the house again, sounds perfect for you guys – as for the puppy thing, I think waiting six months is a very good idea. Easter for us was a juggle of my birthday, Church things, family things, some work things and some fun things…I am in denial that we are back to school this morning…wish I had another week x

  2. Good job with the move. We couldn’t be without our backyard now with the boys. I would hesitate with the dog idea too, we tried to have one a couple of years ago but it was a lot of work and we ended up re-homing him. We now have two kittens and that suits us well, the kids have a pet each and there is far less work involved. Nice to visit your blog again, Aroha!

  3. Good to hear the move went well and you are settling in. It sounds like the prospect of a dog is going to be on your mind for a while (and I’m sure a certain 6 year old will be reminding you).

    • He doesn’t let us forget Kathy! As you can imagine! We need the 6 months to be able to afford to get one though! Plus then we will be able to re-evaluate what kind of time we have etc.

  4. We were constantly moving thanks to hubby and work so my girls have never really owned a pet (fish possibly don’t count). Each move they ask for a pet but it’s never been an option. This year, a gorgeous ragdoll cat actually adopted us (he just turned up one day and decided we should be his new family) and even though I’m not a cat person, he really has been a wonderful addition to our family.

    • We have had cats and dogs in the past, before Nick came along, and we had 3 cats with 3 very different personalities! They are funny creatures. If you get a good one they can be fantastic pets.

  5. This is a great stream of consciousness Aroha, so much info going around in your head! How fabulous is it having a big backyard? It’s so lovely to know Nick has somewhere to play, but you can also keep an eye on him.
    We bought twin puppies 2 years ago, and they have kept each other company every second since then. I also didn’t want the worry of having a dog by itself, and thought they could keep each other company. I know that’s probably 2 more than you really want, but I figured if we were going to look after one, we may as well double it! My main rule was that they had to stay outdoors, as I didn’t want them running through the house. And they also have a big backyard to run in, and plenty of shelter and shade. Crazy us, also brought home a kitten on the same day, as we had just lost our cat of 13 years!
    Do think about the holiday thing, that wasn’t something I gave much thought to, and now we have to kennel 3 of them when we want to go away!
    Good luck with your decision, kids can be so persuasive when it comes to pets 🙂

    • See I figure the same – if you’re going to have one, how much harder could 2 be, and then they keep each other company while you’re not there. But then we’d really never be able to go away!! haha The more I think about it the more I think a cat is a better idea. Is your cat an outdoor pet also? I’ve only ever had indoor cats so not sure “how to have” an outdoor one??

  6. We have a dog but he was our first baby and he has been fantastic for our girls to grow up with. While the responsibility lies mainly with my husband and I to look after him he honestly doesn’t need heaps of looking after. Our dog also is the best guard dog and I love having that safety when I’m home at night with the girls.

  7. Sounds like you are settling in well. Dogs are the most amazing companions and are wonderful for kids, but they can tie you down. When we lived in Perth, my parents or friends looked after ours, up here, its a bit of a battle to find someone, but there are people charging for feeding and walking if you are willing to pay 🙂

  8. I’ve been thinking of a puppy too. In fact we went to the RSPCA the other day which was probably the worst thing, because I wanted to adopt ALL the puppies!!
    Moving is stupidly expensive. We’re still feeling it.

  9. Congrats on your new place Aroha! We are still recovering financially after moving in August – there seems to be never-ending expenses in those first few weeks. But it’s obviously been worth it so far for you all. Enjoy your new home and your yard x

    • yep it has been a struggle, but definitely worth it, especially seeing N spend so much time outdoors and we don’t need to worry about him/be watching every second, and then having friends over last night solidified it was a good decision

  10. Congrats on the new place Aroha, it sounds lovely! We were cringing at the impending expense of moving when our lease ended in a few weeks so when the landlord changed his mind about selling and offered us a lease renewal I couldn’t sign fast enough! Enjoy sharing your new space with your friends over the next couple of weeks.

    • yeah well I already told our landlords (friends of ours) that we are never moving. So will figure out a way to buy their house one day! 😉 Glad yours decided not to sell and you could renew the lease.

  11. I love the concept of stream of consciousness posts and loved reading yours 🙂 How great that you now have a place with more space or your little boy to run around and explore! I often also ponder why we place so much emphasis on religious holidays when we are not, on the whole, a religous nation. I guess these days it’s more to do with pushing consumerism. I wonder how long it will be before shops want to open on Good Friday too. Double-time and a half pay sounds pretty good!

    • Yep consumerism is alive and kicking for sure! It’s taken us a while to get used to things closing for holidays here as nothing ever really closed in the US when we lived there, and for as religious as they are, Easter is only a holiday for Good Friday and that’s it! I’m actually not even sure that was a public holiday now come to think of it. Ah well, will never complain about dbl time and a half anyway!

  12. That was a great piece, Aroha! I still have yet to try streams of consciousness. I think it’s a great way to practice your writing.
    A dog would be a lovely addition! I’m waiting for my twinions to get a little older…

    • I bet you’d write a great stream of consciousness piece Grace! We have been “waiting for a back yard” now we have that I’m trying to think of the next excuse. Maybe “until he’s older” will be my new one!! Thank you!! 🙂

  13. How awesome that you now have space for your little one to run around in. A dog is so much more responsibility and like you say you can’t just pack up and head away without organising something for them. If you are renting to, you need to find out if you can have one.

    • We know we can have one where we are as it is in the contract with our landlords who are friends of ours. The problem would come when/if we have to move out of here and rent again, finding somewhere that allows pets is hard! If I could be sure we’d be moving to our own place that would be one thing, but who knows what will happen?!

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