An Internet-less World

I know, the title of this blog is terrifying, isn’t it? But it’s the kind of world I’ve been living in for almost a week. Well, 3 days to be exact, but it felt like an eternity.

Long story short, Telstra screwed up (I know, shocking right?) our move date for our home internet, and my 5 year old tethered to my phone out of desperation and used all my mobile data.

I noticed a few things while I was internet-less. One, I didn’t miss Facebook at all. I know I was already starting to have untoward feelings about the social media site, but this break from the internet kind of solidified those feelings. When I did get a chance to have a very quick read, I found myself disinterested. Not only that, but I’ve become really sick of Facebook making me feel bad about my life because I see how “great” everyone else’s is. I know, I know, “Don’t compare your worst day to someone else’s best day” and all that crap, but it is hard not to when it’s glaring you in the face. Facebook is the only place – ok maybe also Twitter – where you can read someone’s first world problem, followed by someone losing a child.

I did miss my Instagram, but that was about it.

I also noticed that, suffering more than me, was our 5 year old. He didn’t seem to understand the phrase “no internet.” “What does internet mean?” He asked. “The internet is what lets you play all those games and watch all those YouTube videos*.” “Ohhhh” he said. “So can I have the iPad?” “No, the internet isn’t working on that, either.” He was confused again. “Your phone?” “Nope! Not working either!”

Then finally the husband hooked up the modem we receieved via courier yesterday and ta-da! The internet worked! I didn’t know what to look at first! When Mr 5 woke up this morning and saw me on the computer he said, “What’s that? Is the internet working again?” “YEP!” I exclaimed. He actually cheered “WOOHOO!” then asked if he could play on the computer. Who was I to deny him the hit?

So now we have internet again. Not just any internet – cable internet! So we get our hit even faster. And already I am wishing I could go back to an internet-less world. For all it’s benefits, it sure has a lot of drawbacks.

How do you feel about the internet? What’s the longest you’ve had to go without?

Do your kids know what “no internet” means?

* he is obsessed with watching people playing video games on  YouTube. Please tell me he’s not the only kid?

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17 thoughts on “An Internet-less World

  1. I think I need to turn off some SM right now, it’s starting to wreck havoc with me right now. Bet the break was lovely. I’ll switch off this weekend, well once the Voices MC is over, then enjoy a night with my Sydney friends xx

  2. I felt exactly the same after we had a break for about 7 or 8 days when we moved. Am seriously thinking of just closing my FB and twitter down but I know I would miss some of the people I connect with on there !!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Me xox

  3. I feel lost without the net but it can also be refreshing not to get caught up in the buzz dripped along the newsfeed. Glad to hear you have the Internet working… At least for blogging sake. 🙂

  4. I am loving instagram at the moment, I got over FB a while ago but I still can’t help but go and have a look! I can manage not to miss it too much when we go away, but I would be lost without it at home, especially at nights, when the girls are in bed xx I am lucky not to have had too much trouble, but can sympathise with your Telstra problem, I have had friends who have had a shocking time with them.

  5. Glad you survived. Kids are so funny with technology. My 2 year old thinks it all has to do with batteries not internet so we aren’t quite aware of that word yet but I’m sure it is coming :-0

  6. I hate it when it doesn’t work and I can’t get to IBOT! That’s probably my biggest issue with it.
    I’d welcome it though to keep the kids off devices though. Although mine usually play off line games so that doesn’t really work :/

  7. Hooray ! I made a choice to switch off most of the weekend – it was tough and really it shouldn’t be – FB is not important in the scheme of things but the connections to people I care about draw me in. That isn’t so bad.
    My boys are less fussed on the internet but I think those days are numbered.

  8. The only time I use the internet when the kids are up is to quickly link to linky parties in the morning. (And comment on a few – it’s been FAR too long since I popped by your blog! SORRY!) And I feel guilty the whole time I do it. I’m pretty good during the day, but I do feel like I’m missing out sometimes. I watch the big bloggers interact non-stop with their readers, and remind myself that my kids aren’t of school age yet, and I need to give them the attention while I can.

  9. I do it fairly often as most weekends we are out and about. Admittedly that probably does involve an instagram photo or two, or a facebook update, but more often than not I’d rather be cut off.
    As for Facebook, I could happily give that up altogether. It’s nice now and then to be able to see what my friends are doing particularly if they are not close, but apart from that you can have it.

  10. Ever since I decided to switch off at night time I 1) sleep a whole lot better 2) read a lot more books 3) dream a lot more vividly! How bizarre is that last one?
    But isn’t it amazing how Mr 5 didn’t understand the concept of “no internet” – like it’s just part of the air or water or something. Interesting!

  11. Internet-Less week is one of my nightmares! Last time I had to go through this was in September 2013 when we were out of town for 6 days for my mom’s check up! Two things I missed the most was my mail and facebook! And now that I have started blogging, I find it hard to stay internet less even for a day!

  12. I am one of those horrible mums who has a 5 year old who isn’t allowed to touch the computers or phones at home, although I have downloaded a phonectics app for those waits at the doctors. I too have become a bit over facebook although I was thinking just this morning that instagram has helped me see more beauty in the world. Enjoy your faster internet!

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