Work Christmas Parties

We have our work Christmas party tonight. It’s one of those where it’s for employees only, spouses/partners not invited. Not even for a fee. This will be my 4th party in as many years, and I’ve learned a few things in that time about work Christmas functions. Maybe you have some to add to this list?

1. When choosing what to wear, keep in mind that you are with some or all of the following;  fellow employees, your employees, your bosses. Dress appropriately – no dresses that barely skim your behind & no plunging neck lines. You don’t have to dress like grandma. It IS possible to find something that is fun, cute and classy at the same time. I know, it took me 30 dresses but I finally found one.

2. Don’t drink before you go, especially if you know alcohol is supplied at the party. Everyone will notice when you show up already half-trashed (ask the 2 girls from our party last year who are still talked about this year).

3. It should go without saying, but some people can’t help themselves…don’t get drunk. Keep in mind you’re in a professional setting, and no matter how well you think you get along with your colleagues, they’re still just your colleagues. And you have to face up to them Monday morning!

4. Speaking of Monday morning, don’t do anything you’d be embarrassed to talk about at the water cooler on Monday. And don’t give your colleagues anything to talk about at the water cooler behind your back!

5. Don’t ask for doggy bags to take left over food home. It makes you look cheap, desperate, and greedy. You haven’t paid for the meal, eat your share and leave it at that. A free meal doesn’t mean free meals for the next 2 days!

6. Don’t whinge about the food! Unless you are allergic, smile, find something you can stomach, and eat it. Even if you have to eat it very slowly. People won’t notice you’re not eating much, but they will notice you sitting there with an empty plate, sculling your beers and whinging that you don’t like {insert food type here}. Again, you’re not paying for  it, let it go.

7. Don’t flirt/kiss/leave with a colleague unless he or she is your partner/spouse. See number 4.

8. Do have a good time! Christmas parties should be fun, and they’re a nice chance to get to know your coworkers outside the office/work environment. It’s also a free meal and a couple of drinks, and it’s hard not to enjoy that.

9. Do thank your CEO/GM/WhateverBossYouHave for a great party. Someone at your office has gone to the effort to organise the party, have the decency to be grateful for it.

10. The last rule applies to most evenings out, not just work functions, but keep it in mind when you’re out for your work do – nothing good happens after 1 am! If you’ve been drinking, be responsible and get a taxi home. Your place of work shouldn’t be responsible for you getting in an accident and hurting yourself or someone else.

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21 thoughts on “Work Christmas Parties

    • At about 6:30 tonight it will feel like too much work for me, too, and I’ll wish I was just staying home! And I’ll probably break several of my above rules, including not drinking before I go!

  1. Have a great time! Now these rules, do they apply if you are going to your husbands Christmas Do say next Friday for example? Technically I’m not the employee, surely I can get up to mischief can’t I? 😐

  2. I’ve never been to a work Christmas party. When I was younger they seemed boring and the place I’ve worked for the last 6 years barely has a BBQ on the last day of work before holidays most years so I’ve never had to worry about the etiquette. These are all good tips though!

  3. those are very appropriate tips whether you are working in a conservative office environment or not! I attended one yesterday.. our office party is usually during work hours thank goodness and it was heaps fun with fun photobooths, caricature sketching, nail paintings, simple crafts etc.
    Hope you enjoy yours too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • I wish ours was during work hours, but in the service industry that is difficult. This is really the only way everyone can go without being interrupted by people wanting something. Lots of people broken my rules! I didn’t tho! 😉

  4. Ahhh, the work Christmas party. Total minefield! (Confession: I once got thoroughly sozzled at a work Chrissie do. In my defence, it was after the actual party and we were kicking on at a bar and it was with 4 of my closest friends – also all rather intoxicated – all of whom happen to be work friends and one was to later (little did we know at the time) became my husband!!)

    • OooH! Well all rules are meant to be broken and clearly it worked out well for you! There were lots of people breaking my rules, but they were having a good time. I left early enough that I didn’t see anyone do anything stupid but I’m sure they would have! 🙂

  5. Great tips! Work Christmas parties can be such Career Killers. I have seen some terrible behaviour in my past career – all alcohol related.
    And all these young girls showing too much cleavage…what is with that ??!
    Or am I just an old prude 🙂 x

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