My Week According to Instagram

Ok, one thing has become blatantly obvious this week. If I’m going to keep playing along with Tina at Tina Gray {dot} Me in her weekly Instagram linky, I’m going to have to instagram more photos (do I say this every week?!). Anyway, managed to scrape together 9 pictures that depict my week on Instagram.


Visiting my aunt and uncle who were on the coast staying at the broad water for holidays  |  The train under our Christmas tree. Looks cool, but is obnoxiously loud  |  Nick trying to learn Checkers. Still a bit young, even though it says “ages 3+”  |  A couple of roos at work, about to share a “moment”  |  Finally found somewhere to hang “Merry Christmas”  |  All dressed up and ready for my work Christmas party  |  Stars in the sky at the movie theater. Hubby and I saw “Argo”  |  The babe and The Mechanic nap before going to the Carols in the Park  |  Great little fireworks display at the end of the carols.

Linking up with Tina! 


3 thoughts on “My Week According to Instagram

  1. I love fireworks! We were at carols at our local park last night, but they didn’t have them! 😦

    Love the train under the Christmas tree, would have to wait a few years until my kids were old enough not to ruin it! 🙂

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