Embarrassing Bodies *Warning graphic images*

*Warning: This post may contain images that will make you cringe, feel physically ill, possibly even gag a little bit. If you have a weak stomach, avert your eyes, and if you are eating, maybe come back later.

You know the show I’m talking about, right? Embarrassing bodies? Where people who are SO humiliated they can’t possibly go to a doctor, go on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION to divulge what ailment or deformation they have that is just SO embarrassing. Well, I reckon I could go on there! 


Would you believe I wrote that introductory paragraph for a blog post 10 months ago? Right before I happened to mention to my GP something about my hideous toenails that “other doctors have told me there’s nothing I can do, but to try teatree oil which did NOTHING.”

My GP, bless her, said, “I don’t agree with those other doctors.” And so started the long (10 months!) process of fixing my Embarrassing Bodies-worthy toenails.

I must confess, something that is currently making me really happy, is that I have toenails!

I can’t tell you when exactly my toenails started showing this infection. I do remember going to a doctor when we lived in the US about them and going on some kind of drug for about 30 days which didn’t completely clear them up. Then when I moved to Australia in November 2007, I was pregnant, and they got worse, but I couldn’t take anything to clear them up. Once my son came along I breastfed for about 13 months so again, couldn’t take anything. Another doctor also prescribed a 90-day drug but again, the infection was never completely cleared up and took over my toenails again.

By last summer, my toenails were the worst they had ever been. It was embarrassing to wear sandals or thongs, or high heels with half a toenail missing and the rest all discoloured and falling off. If I could get a toe nail to grow, it wouldn’t be attached to the skin and it would come off.

Below is a before and a couple of after pics. I don’t have a pic of my right toenail before, but it was as bad as the left. Look away now if you’d rather not see!


 From this…




It probably sounds completely ridiculous to be overjoyed by toenails. Let’s face it, feet aren’t the most attractive part of the body to start with! But having hideous nails certainly doesn’t help at all! I still find myself staring at them and taking pictures of them because I simply can’t believe I have them! And the last time I went to the GP, I almost told her I loved her. I wanted to cry tears of joy!

So tell me, could YOU go on embarrassing bodies? Have you ever had hideous toenails?
Do you love your GP for a really strange reason? 

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6 thoughts on “Embarrassing Bodies *Warning graphic images*

  1. When I split from my ex-husband I developed a nail infection in both my big toes. I think it must’ve been related to stress as I’ve never had one before or since. It wasn’t as bad as yours but it did make my nails turn yellow and white in patches and eventually they cracked and fell off in parts. I used to either wear nail polish to cover it or wear a bandaid.

    I ended up getting it under control with daktarin nail treatment and thankfully its never come back. I’m always paranoid it will though!

  2. Bahahaha that is one of my favourite shows but no I would never go on the show. The last time I had it on, I was flicking over from another channel because there was a sex scene on and my kids were with me. The first image was a penis being operated on and my kids nearly died… I laughed as I usually do on that show.

  3. I would be thrilled too! What was actually wrong with your toenails? Was it a fungal nail infection? My toenails split all the time and look terrible unless I have nail polish on them, but I can see that wouldn’t have been an option for you 😦

  4. I can’t stand to watch embarrassing bodies. And yes, ironic that the people involved can’t bear to go to their local doctor but can make an exception to see a doctor in front of millions of viewers! Glad your nails have healed – was it painful too?

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