Thankful Thursday

I’m currently counting the days hours until our holiday. I can’t believe we booked this 7 months ago and now it’s here. We leave Saturday.

I know we need a holiday, and I’m thankful we’re in a position to be able to spend 8 days in a beautiful country, seeing new sights, catching up with old friends, and making family memories. I’m also thankful that we asked my mum to come along. She needs a holiday as much as we do and has always loved NZ.

I’m hoping by the time I get home tonight I’ll also be thankful for a Dr who took my anxiety about flying seriously and a hairdresser who made me feel a million bucks before having to appear in holiday pictures. Fingers crossed on those two counts!


Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for her (second last!) Thankful Thursday!
Kate Says Stuff


9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I KNOW you are going to have an amazing time and I am sure that your dr and hairdresser will do their bit as well !!!
    Have the best time – have fun – enjoy ! I CAN’T wait to see you photos and have a catch up when you get home again !
    Travel safely my friend and take care !
    Love, hugs and HEAPS of positive energy for those flights !

  2. I too will be going to NZ in the near future. What a great thing a holiday is – the build up, actually being there and the reminiscing. You can’t beat it!

  3. Have a fabulous time, NZ is on my to do list while we are in Oz so I will look forward to reading all about it when you come back and getting some hints and tips on places to go! Try not to think too much about the journey, just think of the amazing time you will have when you are all there together as a family, nothing beats that! x

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