A Weekend at Fingal Head

This past weekend we went on a short get-away with two other families. This was the first time we’d done anything like this, so we were very excited. Two nights, three cabins, six adults, six kids, and beautiful weather. We chose Fingal Head because of it’s location to the beach and to our houses. Only going for 2 nights, we didn’t want to have too long a drive to get there and back, and it was about 45 minutes from the furthest family, and about 30 minutes from us. It’s a hidden gem, just across the QLD/NSW border.

We stayed at the Fingal Head Holiday Park in their Endeavor Cabins and the set up was perfect, even if the cabins themselves were a bit small. For our family of 3 it was pretty good, but it sleeps 5, and I think the family of 5 were a bit squashed and found the space a bit tight. They do have larger cabins available (with the Letitia Cabins being the cream of the crop) but we had opted for these since there were 3 of them, and because they were only $118 a night. It also allowed us set up our chairs outside the middle cabin where all the kids were within ear-shot once they’d gone to bed and it was adult beverage time. It was also perfect because the BBQ area and playground was just on the other side of the cabins.

At the end of our 3 cabins was the pathway down to the beach. It really was a wonderful set up for our 3 families, and the kids had an absolute ball, spending lots of time between the beach, the playground and the cabins. The beach was patrolled through the middle hours of the day, but at low tide provided the perfect little pool areas for the kids to play in.

After breakfast Saturday morning we decided to take Nick for a walk up to check out Fingal Head light house. It’s a short stroll from the parking lot, and also has little walk ways down to Dreamtime Beach (pictured above). It also has a beautiful view of Cook Island. It’s quite high up though, so my heart started racing when Nick was (in my head) too close to the edge (in reality he was no where near the edge – not the point!).

Before the weekend was over, all three families were already thinking about the next trip down there. How often could we make it happen? Every few months? A yearly thing? But we all agreed a bit bigger cabin was the way to go.

On the way out Sunday afternoon, we stopped with another family at the Gallery Walk cafe. This is an absolute MUST! The food, the atmosphere, the service and the coffee were all divine. They’re also open at night and have live music Friday and Saturday.

I’d absolutely recommend a trip to Fingal Head for any family. Ideally it would be nice to have a camper van with an annex. It would make it much cheaper in the long run, and we’d be able to go once a month. If you want to book a weekend to Fingal Holiday Park, check out the Tweed Coast Holiday Parks website.

This is not a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t be against having a sponsored trip down to check out their Letitia cabins. Hint hint. All photos are my own. 

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17 thoughts on “A Weekend at Fingal Head

  1. Looks great down there – I do love being down that side of the coast !!! Sounds like you had a great time – so good to have a break like that. We really should try to do it more often.
    Have the best day !

    • hey, I drank almost a litre of Bacardi! it just doesn’t go straight to my head like wine does. I quite liked that actually! It was a great place. I’m already trying to figure out when we can go back. But might need to invest in camping gear – cabins will get pricey!

    • It does look aptly named, doesn’t it? Will have to check out that beach next time. Didn’t make it down this time. Its nice having an only child to go away with others as he was never short of a play friend.

  2. Looks divine, Aroha! Love the coastline between the NSW/QLD border. And holidays with other families would be a lot of fun too! Hope you guys end up making it a regular occurence 🙂 x

    • I hope so too! Nick loved having the other kids around all the time. We never think to go down that way – usually head to sunny coast, but will do this more often I think. Nice to get away – but not TOO far away that traveling is a pain!

  3. I love staying in cabins at holiday parks and the kids do too. It sounds like you had a wonderful break away – I hope they take your hint and invite you back to sample the luxurious cabins!!!

    • it is nice to have the cabin – esp if the weather turns bad, who wants to be in a tent?! but if we are going to go often, it will get a bit pricey! i might have to email them my blog and see if they take the bait! 😉

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