I Asked For Adventure!

When it’s quiet at work, I like to sit on Virgin Australia’s website and check out all the little breakations they have. Little mini vacations, 2 nights here, 3 nights there, if you want to go really overboard you can get 7 nights somewhere exotic. But I just dream and plan which little 3 day holiday I’d like to take, and imagine the things we would do in those places.

Yesterday I had an idea. I wanted this year to be more adventurous, more spontaneous. I always look at these holidays, but there’s so many great looking trips I’d never actually know which one to book. We could really use a quick break away. We are planning that trip to New Zealand but have decided to postpone til the spring when it won’t be so cold. We are not skiiers, so a mid-winter trip to Queenstown seems like it could be a bit lost on us. But in the spring we’ll be able to hike and do much more outside without feeling like we’re getting frost bite.

Anyway, back to my idea. I went home to hubby and said, “Let’s pick 3-5 of the holidays on Virgin’s website and then draw one out of a hat and do it!” He loved the idea and went straight on the web! The only rules were the place had to be somewhere we both really wanted to go, and somewhere not TOO far away, since we were only going for 2 nights.

After having a look around, we picked our top 4 breakations.

I wrote each one on a separate piece of paper, folded them up, and we put them in a cup (this is hubby shaking the cup, not waving at me).

We couldn’t decide if the first one we picked was the one we should do, or if it should be elimination, and the last one in the cup was our adventure. We decided to flip a coin. There’s an app for that! So we asked the donkey coin. Ears up, we went with the first one we picked. Ears down, we went with the last one left in the cup.

Last one in the cup it was! I got to pick first, and I picked Magnetic Island. A small island off the coast of Townsville that looks great for hiking, swimming, relaxing. Maybe one day we’ll go, but not this time!

Hubby picked next, and he picked Cradle Mountain. I was devastated! I think we both were. You know how when you can’t decide something, so you flip a coin, you get your answer, then realize you really wanted the other one? That’s what was going on with us.

I picked next and hubby took out the last one. He held in his hand the breakation we were taking. I held in my hand the last place to be eliminated. Would we be going to the Great Ocean Road or to Melbourne to see Annie??

I opened my piece of paper and read…
Great Ocean Road.

Destiny had told us to go to Melbourne to see Annie. This is the one holiday of all 4 that we had decided would just be the 2 of us and we would see if mum could have Nick for a couple of days. If we went while he was in school, she’d just have to drop him off and pick him up and it wouldn’t be too full on for her having him 3 whole days. Destiny was telling us we need a couples breakation! To Melbourne!

So now I have emailed mum and asked her to watch Nick, and if she agrees we’ll just pick a date in May or June and go. If we had to rank the 4 holidays we chose, this would probably be at the bottom of the list. Ok, it would definitely be at the bottom of the list! But destiny has spoken! And who am I to mess with her!?!?

I asked for Adventure….”We got Annie!”

day 5- a picture of somewhere you’ve been to

I’m too lazy to make another collage of all the places I’ve been so I’ve been trying to think of the most interesting, or most exotic place I’ve been, but it is hard to pick one. Having lived in the States for 11 years, I saw a lot of that country. Much more than I’ve seen of Australia even. Isn’t it funny how we take what is in our back yard for granted? Even living in the States, there were lots of places that were so close by that I never went to. If I could do it over again I’d spend a weekend (at least!) in NYC (I did spend a day in there, but that is nothing!), I’d go to Nashville again, I’d go to Niagra Falls, Chicago, Seattle.

As I mentioned in my first blog challenge post, my husband and I spent 25 days in Europe, and really saw quite a lot. As much as you can see in 25 days and still spend some time in each place. It would be easy to see 25 cities in 25 days in Europe, but we didn’t want to do that.

Looking through my picture files on my computer, I was reminded of a place we visited in the States during our trip in June 2009. We met up with a college friend of mine and her husband in Shipshewana, Indiana. It is a Mennonite/Amish town and buggies can be seen coming into and out of town on a regular basis. It is a cute, quaint little town, and attracts a lot of visitors. Before we left Detroit to head down there, we were told not to take pics of the Amish, as they don’t like it. And lets face it, who would want to be treated like a circus and have annoying tourists shoving cameras in your faces the whole time? They deserve respect and privacy, but it is so interesting to learn about their culture, and so intriguing that it is difficult not to want to document their way of life. It is so foreign to us, to live without electricity, and the things that gives us like TV, computers, etc.

My only impression of the Amish until this trip had been Kirsty Alley and Tim Allen, For Richer or Poorer. Now I have a better appreciation for their simple and self-sufficient culture. Here are a couple of pics from our trip.

Me & my boys at the history centre


One of many buggies seen on a regular basis, this one leaving town

Windmill at Amish/Mennonite History Centre

One of little shopping streets



I think you’ll learn pretty quickly that I can never just share “a” picture.

I just read my last post to see what I had been talking about. Well, duh, of course our mini holiday was great! Why would I think it would be anything but?

In saying that, I think we could have taken Nick to ANY zoo and he would have been happy. We probably didn’t have to take him to the most expensive one around! $55 per person!? We had discounts (student and RACQ) that brought it down to $45 per person, and we took our own food, so that wasn’t too bad I guess. But if you want to have your photo taken with a tiger, you better take that extra $500 you were keeping for a rainy day!

The hotel we stayed at was lovely, as was their pool. Nicklas had a fantastic time swimming and running all over the huge ledge they had it in. What a great idea for a pool! Of course, mummy had a heart attack every time he ran right off the edge! But he didn’t care, under he went until daddy scooped him up!

I think 1 more, possibly 2 more nights would have been nice. We were gone 2 nights/3 days and it was nice, but a tad short (I know, when is holiday ever NOT short?!). But an extra day or two to relax would have been nice.

I can’t believe it is already time for Mike to start his new job tomorrow! His week off went by so quickly, as is to be expected. It will be a while before he gets another holiday now, as his new place of employment shuts down for 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year. Which will be GREAT when the time comes, but it will be a long 11 months until that happens!

I better go get some sleep. We have to drive Mike to work in the morning as the truck he’s buying failed the road worthy test Saturday and they weren’t able to get parts until tomorrow. Nothing like leaving things until the very last minute!