Stream of Consciousness {An IBOT Post}

Emily over at Have a Laugh On Me posted a 10 minute stream of consciousness post, which I took as a challenge to do the same. So here goes.

Why is it that as soon as you decide you’re going to just write about anything and everything that pops into your head for the next 10 minutes, that you suddenly find your mind blank? And why can’t I make my mind blank at pilates? Instead of thinking about everything else we have going on.

I’ve been lamenting Sunday afternoon work shifts for years now. When I worked both Saturday and Sunday I thought I’d be happy to just do a 4 hour shift on a Sunday afternoon, as it meant I still got the majority of the weekend to spend with family/friends/doing whatever I wanted, really. But now of course, it’s still too much work for a weekend. I know yesterday I just posted that I was thankful for job security, but sometimes I forget about that when it’s 1pm Sunday afternoon and I’m getting ready to go to work and the boys are getting ready to do something fun*. Although I have to say, last Sunday morning, I sort of couldn’t wait to come to work. Hubby went off to do the grocery shopping, while Nick and I washed my car and went to the skate park. I know, what is this, the opening to the opposite sketches?!** Of course N was wanting to wet the car I’d just dried, was whinging that he was getting wet, broke the lid off his drink bottle, and then the skate park was full of large boys men, trying to hold on to their youth. Work couldn’t come soon enough…until it did.

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately because it seems to keep falling down the priority list. Yet here I am, with a few hours up my sleeve at work, which is quiet, so I find myself with time to get some posts out. Sometimes I feel I have so much to say, but I think, “Why bother?!” Do you know how many bloggers there are!? I don’t know an exact figure, but I know there’s heaps, and you can read about anything on any given blog – food, education, travel, parenting, fashion. I don’t even know where I fit into that. Some days I’d like to just print out my blog, bind it, then delete my site and “retire”. Does anyone really ever retire from blogging? I know you can go to lots of blog sites and there hasn’t been a post for anywhere between 12 months and 5 years! So they just float out there in cyberspace, taking up room (and names!***). It’s a funny little world, cyberspace.

I keep getting interrupted by work stuff. How rude. It makes it hard to gauge my 10 minutes of rambling stream of consciousness. I just had a guy in here trying on shoes, who could barely bend over to tie his laces. It would be like being forever 8 months pregnant, and not being able to see your feet. How do people live like that? I don’t say it at all for looks/aesthetic purposes, I say it out of pure concern for their health. I for one want to live to be pretty old, so I don’t understand why it’s so hard to look after yourself a bit better.

I suppose that’s my 10 minutes up, if I include how long it will take me to go back and define my *, **, *** bits.  There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who forgets to define their asterisks, so I’ve been told (sorry!!). Sorry Em, don’t think stream of conscious writing is for me, either.

* They sometimes go to Dreamworld, sometimes to get groceries, sometimes to the skate park. Either way, it ‘d have to be more fun than working!

** Do you remember that show? You Can’t Do That On Television? I used to love it as a kid!

*** I wanted Chasing Sunset when I first renamed this blog. It was originally my ACTUAL name, but made me too searchable. Chasing Sunset was taken, tho no posts ever posted to it. If you happen to know the owner of or you ARE the owner, could you please contact me and relinquish the name to me? Pretty please with sugar on top?!

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Wise Words From Hollywood

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a HUGE Ashton Kutcher fan. I didn’t think “Punk’d” was funny. I never understood why he married Demi Moore. I didn’t mind him in a couple of his movies, and I’m looking forward to seeing him play Steve Jobs. But by far, the best thing he’s done to date, would be this speech at the MTV Teen Choice awards. I really hope that this speech sunk in for a lot of “kids today.”

“Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.” I don’t think he’s the first to say it, but I love that he said it. And I love that he said he never quit a job until he had his next job. This speech is so worth watching. It’s worth watching, sharing, and watching again! There are great messages in this short, simple speech.

I usually work afternoon shifts Friday, but not this week. I’m enjoying having a Friday afternoon off. What a great start to the weekend! Hope you all have a great one.

Currently I Am…{Listmania}

It’s been a while since I joined in with the lovely Deb over at Home Life Simplified for a Listmania linky, so thought I’d give it a whirl this week, because currently I am doing and feeling a lot of things and I think this will help get them all out, no matter how jumbled and random they are!

Currently I am:

Experimenting: With new products – a leave in spray conditioner for my hair, BB cream from Garnier and a foundation brush. After seeing a picture of myself from Saturday night dinner with the girls, that looked like I was not wearing any makeup, I started investigating, and turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong! Thanks to Kim from Kimbalikes I’ve got a new routine to try.

Grieving: For an elderly couple I’ve known since I was a child, who have just passed away within days of each other. In the end, it was his life’s purpose to care for his wife. I never remember seeing one without the other, and once she was gone, he could finally let go, too. It is terribly sad, but also somewhat romantic and ironic at the same time. Together again, as it always was, so it will always be.

photo 1

Waiting: For the June/July school holidays when we will finally get a 5 day family holiday! It can’t come soon enough! I have no idea where we’re going yet, but eh, that is minor details! The important thing is that we will be together, we will be away, we will have no responsibilities!

Watching: The Voice and The Biggest Loser! I’ve not been overly impressed by either, but for some reason I can’t stop watching! I feel like a complete sucker – the exact kind of viewer the producers target with their editing antics!

Dreading: Mother’s Day! I’m signed up to run the 8km Mothers Day Classic and my training hasn’t exactly been stella. I really only have a chance to put in a good distance run (for me anything from 5-10k) once a week – the weekends! It’s not really enough. In saying that, I did 8.95km in a PB on Saturday morning, but whether or not I could repeat the effort tomorrow, or more importantly on Mother’s Day, is anyone’s guess!

Basking: In the amazing weather we’ve had on the Gold Coast lately. After something like 8 weeks of constant rain, it has been refreshing, rejouvenating, invigorating, to see sunshine, blue sky, feel the crisp morning air each day. This weather is exactly why we live on the Gold Coast.

photo 3

Lamenting: That my boss is on a 10 day holiday which means I’m working tomorrow which means I’ll miss Nick’s first cross country race at school. He loves to run, and he’s actually pretty quick for his age. But he doesn’t take anything too seriously, and I’m sure will be more excited to run and laugh with his friends than to actually “race”.

Finding: My way through teaching an almost-5 year old about sportsmanship, team sports, being a team player. It is hard, made harder I think by the fact that in order to ever get him to do anything in a quick manner, we’ve had to make a race out of it. For the longest time we always let him win. Now I see the error in our ways, and we are trying to rectify that.

photo 2

Searching: For any inspiration I can find, to keep me motivated and interested in everything from work, to exercise, to photography. I am going through the motions, in hopes that I’ll come out the other side better for it all.

What are you currently…?

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