And Then The Explosion Happened

In order to fully appreciate this post, you first have to read this one over here about change. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

I wrote that last Monday, imploring the universe that I was ready for my change, ready for the explosion.

On Tuesday, 24 hours later, the stars aligned, and signs from months ago suddenly became clear. A twist of fate, at the 11th hour of someone’s decision, put my name in front of their eyes, and on Wednesday there was an explosion.

I knew that if I kept plugging along, kept working hard, kept working on myself, that it would one day pay off. The hard part for me was being patient and waiting for that day to come. It seems it has.

Last Thursday I resigned from my job of the last 4.5 years and in less than two weeks I will start my new job, a job I am hoping will be every bit as great as I think it will be. There are so many perks or benefits to this new job, the best one being that it’s 30 hours a week, mostly Monday to Friday, whatever hours I want to do. Yep, you read that right. I have been working part of each weekend as well as public holidays for the last 5.5 years. Finally I am going to have some “normal” hours. This job combines all my experience plus my study, it has room to grow, room to move, room to learn and most importantly, requires the use of my brain. It is flexible. That’s something I’ve not had in a job for over 7 years.

I said at the start of the year that this would be my year. A job change and finishing my masters would make the year a pretty good one I think. While I am a bit nervous about this change, I am also excited, and I feel like the way it came about means that it was just meant to be. That makes me feel much less nervous.

People had told me to ask the universe for this. I am not entirely a big believer of that working, but last week made me seriously wonder. So my question for you today is, have you ever asked the universe for something? Did it deliver? Have you had any explosions lately?

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17 thoughts on “And Then The Explosion Happened

  1. That’s fantastic news. I really do hope it is all you imagine and more.

    Just online briefly this week and touching base with a few of my favourites. Still awaiting my biopsy results and just finding I need time out. I also wanted to let you know you received a worth casing mention on Agent Mystery Case today.

    • Of course you need time out, and you should take all the time you need. How much longer until you get results? I’m sure it feels like a life time, those kinds of things should be instant. Sending you lots of love. And thank you for letting me know about my mention today, that just made me feel all kinds of warms and fuzzies. So lovely to be put in with those other women and to be thought of as someone who says what I think and stands up for what I believe! Wow! x

  2. The universe is a powerful thing. I often “ask” the universe for stuff, but really what it does is makes it foremost in my own mind and then I become more “seeing” and more “hearing” of the opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. It’s an energy thing. Go you!!!

    • Thank you Jess, Oh I hope that too! That’s a great thing to hope! Far better than hoping it’s as good as you think it will be! I can’t help but feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak. x

  3. I am SO excited for you!!! This has been a long time coming. How good are those hours? So flexible. You won’t know yourself with the weekends free xx

  4. So excited for you – I’m a huge believer in the universe providing us with what we need when we need it – it’s the only way I’ve been able to remain positive these last few years. Good luck with finishing up and all the best for your new path xxxxxxxx

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