You Know You’re Sick When….

I don’t know about you, but I am far too busy to be sick! Yet every once in a while I get knocked on my ass – figuratively and literally! It is all I can do to get out of bed. It seems to happen about once a year, usually with the change in seasons.

This time I started to notice, I have signs when I know I am sick. Do you have signs too?

You know you’re sick when:

1. You go to bed at 6:30…and sleep until at least 6:30 the next morning! Even if it’s interrupted.

2. You start taking vitamins…

3. … and think “This time I will TAKE THEM BEFORE I AM SICK” (but you never do)

4. You make an appointment with the Dr hoping to God you have some kind of bacterial infection that will be cleared with drugs

5. You actually have a sick day at work and/OR call in backup to wrangle the kids while you die lay in bed

6. You let the kids have potato chips and popcorn for dinner because quite frankly the just the thought of standing upright for more than 30 seconds to get to the loo is beyond comprehension

7. You don’t care that the neighbour’s dogs are barking and you hate the show that’s on TV…changing either would require moving and that ain’t happening!

8. Anyone who says you says, “Wow, you look like shit.” No one would ever say that to you if you weren’t sick (OK, or ridiculously drunk beyond recovery…oh it’s only my friends who would say that?)

9. You would rather keep the kids home from school and let them do whatever they want than drive them to school and then have to go back and pick them up.

10. There’s no way you can BLOG, let alone read blogs…the motion of the cursor going across the screen or the movement of your eyeballs reading side to side actually physically hurts.

So that’s me, the last week, how about you? Do you have tell-tale signs you’re sick? Do you hate the winter lurgies?

Linking up with Jess for #IBOT of course!


23 thoughts on “You Know You’re Sick When….

  1. Ah you poor thing. That sounds horrendous. I’m the same as you always chugging those vitamins when it’s already too late!!

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