If You Don’t Like It…

I’ve always been of the opinion, if you don’t like it, change it. It’s that simple. But it’s not that simple, is it? Sometimes we have to wait for the stars to align, for that perfect timing when those greater natural forces come together and create an explosion. Not an explosion you can see, just a silent, invisible explosion where everything changes. Or at least that door opens and allows change to run in before it  slams shut again. I find I am looking to the heavens a lot lately, wondering if I can see any sign of that explosion. I am a bit lost. I am a bit confused. I am a lot frustrated. I feel like I am trying to change things by continuing to educate myself. I feel like I’m at least taking steps towards being happier and more fulfilled. But what if I’m not? What if I’m on the wrong path? How do I try to be happy where I am for now, knowing that at some stage or another, that explosion will happen? I don’t think things just fall in peoples laps (although they certainly can, and some people do seem to just be THAT lucky). I think you have to actively seek out change and opportunities. But I also believe the right opportunity comes along eventually, if you’re patient enough and vigil enough to notice it. I feel like there is change coming. And it’s not that I’m scared of the change. On the contrary – I am excited for it! But I am not very patient and not a huge fan of surprises. I’d just as soon know when it was going to come, and where from. But that’s not how these things work, so I sit, not-so-patiently, hoping that change is upon me. I feel like it’s time. I feel like I’m ready. Are you listening, universe? I’m ready for change! I’m ready for the explosion!

Change! Do you like it or hate it? 

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5 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like It…

  1. Aroha I love this. The line “silent invisible explosion” I find myself praying for one of those lately. I have learnt to be open to change and ready to ride the waves of change, but somehow lately I feel like the wave sof change are crashing on that shore and I’m standing in the shore line surfboard in hand, hesitating to go in. Gosh I don’t know if that makes senses. Thank you for linking up to #convocoffee and I hope your change coms in waves xx

  2. I think we have to make change happen ourselves. Sometimes I’m slow to do that because I quite like my little comfy nest, but other times, like you right now, I get restless and find that I’m waiting for ‘something to happen’. Go and make something happen, Aroha. Find what needs changing and do something totally different. x

  3. Totally think that it’s not as easy to just change…. some people seem to think that it is, or are able to do it so easily..me, not so much. For me, for the change I am going through and experiencing this year certain things had to fall into place and continue to have to fall into place. Good luck with whatever change may come your way and fingers crossed it comes soon.

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