Judgey McJudgerton

One of the most fascinating things about humans is that no two are exactly the same. Even twins who may look the same don’t necessarily or always speak/act/think the same or like the same things. These distinctions between people are our greatest asset, and our greatest weakness. Because while it is great that everyone is different, likes different things, and thinks about things differently, there are also many, many people who think their opinions or thoughts or beliefs are the right and only way to think or feel.

I’ve often thought about this, but over the last week, reading comments about Glen McGrath only confirms it. There seems to be a handful of topics that people get really passionate about. And while you can’t fault anyone for having passion, I do get upset when people use name-calling, threats, judgement and mis-guided facts to shove their opinions on to others. Do I like the idea of killing big game? No. Would I want to do it? Not in a million years. Do I think we have the right to judge someone who does? Absolutely not. What he did was legal. Plus, have a read about big game hunting in South Africa and the money it raises for animal conservation. I actually have a bigger problem with him turning around and apologising for it. I would have loved him to say, “Yes, I did it, it was something I  have always wanted to do, I like hunting, it was legal. I am not sorry for it.” I have a bigger problem with him blaming a bad time in his life for doing it.

Abortion is another hot topic. People on both sides of the debate obviously feel very passionate about their opinions. So getting into arguments about it and crucifying people for their beliefs doesn’t help anyone, doesn’t change any minds and it certainly doesn’t solve any problems.

Also in the news this week, several Titans players have been busted in a drug ring. Many people I’ve spoken to have said they should be kicked out of the NRL and never let back in. The team has lost their training ground, understandably. What school would want to be linked with cocaine users? Do I use cocaine? No way. Do I condone the use of it? Absolutely not. But does this handful of guys deserve to have their entire careers ruined over a few poor decisions?

Look at the Tiger Woods debacle from years ago. I don’t remember how many women came out and claimed to have had relations with him. But the backlash from it was just incredible. While I certainly don’t condone extramarital affairs, no matter the reason, I don’t think Tiger’s professional life deserved to go down the toilet because of it. Of course his reputation was tarnished beyond repair. But people wished the worst of the worst upon him.

I think one of the worst things we can do is to judge others and wish them harm or bad will. In my book, people saying someone should shoot Glen McGrath and see how he likes it, or who say they won’t donate to his foundation any more are just as cruel as someone going on a legal game hunt.

It would be nice to just live in a world where people respected each other and each other’s rights to have different beliefs. But it doesn’t seem to be in the genetic nature of humans to be able to do that. So at the end of the day I am just thankful I’m not a celebrity, and that my poor decisions don’t get plastered all over the news for people to ridicule and judge. It seems no one likes to be judged but they certainly like to judge others. Maybe we should all think about that the next time we think we have to voice our opinion on someone else’s actions.

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8 thoughts on “Judgey McJudgerton

  1. Funny, I was thinking the same thing this week. When did we all become so blameless and appoint ourselves the world jury? Live and let live I say, people will have to deal with their own actions and decisions whatever the result.

  2. I agree about Glen McGrath and the whole judgement issue. I’m sad the McGrath foundation is coming under attack too.
    The only issue to judge others on are serious child abuse and the harming other people .

  3. I had the same thoughts on Glen McGrath. It was a huge blow up over not much at all, in my opinion. Can anyone who attacks another for a choice or an action really be blameless themselves? I’m not religious but I keep thinking back to the whole “he who casts the first stone” comment in The Bible – none of us have the right to judge others or place standards on them that we could not meet ourselves. Great post Aroha.

  4. I guess if you are passionate about something (like animal welfare) and you see someone who’s a role model flagrantly abusing your core beliefs it’s easy to get on your high horse and judge. None of us really have the right but I suppose passion overtakes our better character. Someone has to defend helpless, innocent animals and children but you’re right in saying those who attack are no better than the other.

  5. I really feel it is a waste of our energy to judge people. Yes believe in causes. Yes promote justice for crimes and put passion into changing things that we see are wrong, but being judgey is just a big energy suck.

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