I’m (Not) on a Diet

After I bought my Thermomix, a friend added me to a few different Facebook groups that share recipes, ways of eating, advice, etc. I also started following the Nutrition Guru and a couple of other food-related pages.

At first I loved it because I was never short of a recipe to try. Now, I am getting a bit over it! Every day there is a post from someone who is following a gluten free, sugar free, LCHF/GAPS/5:2/Paleo/ diet and while I understand that people may have actual medical dietary requirements for these diets, I just feel like screaming “Enough is enough!”

Someone in a weight-loss group was berating herself because she didn’t eat breakfast and then had McDonalds for lunch so she was ready to give up. Someone in another group wanted to know what the hell she was supposed to send to school for her kid’s lunch after a note came home saying there was a child allergic to nuts and eggs in the class. It seems the world has gone mad over food!

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we are all a bit more health-aware these days. But I’m a bit sick of all these people following their new fandangled diets and shoving them down everyone else’s throats. Now I say this from a position of gratitude and good fortune in that no one in my house has allergies or intolerances. Knock on wood. I suppose if one of us did, we would make the necessary adjustments and life would go on. I don’t know. My theory has always been “everything in moderation” but that doesn’t seem to work for many people any more, and most of us have quite a tough time with the definition of “moderation”. Myself included. I mean, hot chips 4 out of 5 meals in one weekend is really not moderate. But I digress.


I often wonder why so many people are having such issues with foods. But is it really surprising when people working food food in China are literally crapping all over the food?

Sometimes I think it is all too hard – and we don’t have any allergies to consider. We should eat more fats – the good ones, not the bad ones. Don’t eat carbs, at least not after 3 pm and if you do, try to make them brown or wholemeal. Not white. Protein is good for you, but not too much protein. OH MY GOD did you know how much sugar is in a pitted date?! “No more bliss balls for me!” This was another post in one of those groups the other night. Followed by all the “but it’s natural sugar not artificial sugar”. Speaking of sugar, don’t eat fruit! It’s FULL of sugar. So is wine. All I can say is thank Christ Vodka isn’t!


I just want the insanity to end. I think most people know what kinds of foods they should and shouldn’t be eating. If someone wants to follow the paleo way, more power to them. I made a paleo cake and it was disgusting. They can keep it as far as I am concerned. If you have decided to quit sugar, more power to you, too, just don’t come near me until you’re over that whole craving period. I don’t even know what the hell the GAPS diet is, but I hope if you are on it, it is helping fix whatever is wrong.

As for me, I am going to stick to the my basic rules. Eat when you’re hungry. Desert is not an every day meal. Allow yourself a treat once in a while without feeling guilty. Limit your alcohol intake. Exercise! And try to enjoy life for all it has to offer. Including food and alcohol. Yes, I could probably stand to lose 10 kilos, but I am active, fairly fit, and I am on the go all the time. It’s not the end of the world if you eat some sugar. It’s not the end of the world if you miss breakfast and have Maccas. Unless you’re doing it every day I guess.

A friend has been on an incredible journey with Isagenix over the last 4 months or so. She has lost a massive amount of weight, feels great, looks great, the positivity is flowing out of her. Whether or not I agree with the program or what it claims to do, it has worked for her, and now she is making money from it, too. Which is essentially what it promises to do – make your waistline smaller and your wallet bigger. But it is not for everyone, just like all those diets I mentioned above are not for everyone. So it would be really nice if I didn’t have to read about them every time I opened my web browser!

Are you on “a diet” (or “Way Of Eating aka WOE”)? Was it forced or by choice?
Are you sick of all the hullabaloo about food?
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8 thoughts on “I’m (Not) on a Diet

  1. I’m with you girl, moderation and eating sensibly. I think that if you don’t have any treats then you will crave them more. I’m watching from the sideline as everyone goes on and on about food, while I just try hard not to eat when I’m not physically hungry! xx

  2. yes and amen! people need to back the truck up before being the next loudspeaker and judgeymcjudgerson for their way or the highway in regards to diet. I would also recommend the same people reading the disadvantages of said ways of eating, because long term LOTS of these aren’t really healthy overall. But I digress. I tend to try to bite my tongue very hard (gosh what would I know!) but mostly the motto is this. Eat real food, mostly plants, treaties sometimes. It works for me, with the occasional OD over some weekends with the hot chippies he he.

  3. I can’t eat certain things due to food intolerance for amines, salicylates and MSG. But it’s just something I have to keep an eye on to feel fabulous rather than sick and headachey. I wouldn’t call it a diet, nor a WOE. It just is.
    I am LOVING putting loads of super foods in my body though.
    I feel like I am so in control of my health that way.
    Happy weekend!

  4. I am soo over the food fads. I had a PT who kept telling me to follow all these different diets and now looking back, it was no wonder she was always so crabby.
    Everything in moderation but if you go overboard on something don’t berate yourself. Tomorrows a new day, start a clean slate.

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