9 Years Ago

9 years ago today I became a Mrs. Not much went right on the day, to be honest. We had decided on a destination wedding – the Florida panhandle to be exact. Sunset over the beach, what could possibly go wrong? Four years ago I wrote a post about our wedding day, and talked about the highlight of the day, and how thoughtful my groom was.

Today I thought I’d post 9 pictures of us over the last 9 years. This has turned out much harder than I thought, after going through all our pics there were so many to choose from. But here goes, a selection of us over the years.


One of our first photos together, up at the lake “Up North” from Detroit


Not long before we got engaged


One of our engagement pictures a friend took


All dressed up for a black tie event benefiting Childrens Healthcare Atlanta


Visiting Epcot and the Happiest Place On Earth (Disney, in case you were wondering)


A trip to Vegas before leaving the country to move to Australia


Not sure what that cheesy grin of mine is about, but at the Trevi Fountain, Rome


Our first picture as a family of 3

us copy

Recent pic at a friend’s place. Can’t even remember what the event was but I’m sure we were drunk.

I barely even have memories of some of these pictures, but I was obviously there! Some seem like another lifetime ago, and I suppose they were. We have the 12th anniversary of our first date in July this year. A lot can happen in 12 years. We’ve moved countries, switched jobs, had a child, lost parents and grandparents, gone back to uni, got a dog, had ups and downs, and life goes on. Onwards and upwards, hopefully, with lots to look forward to in the coming years.

IMG_5938A bonus 10th pic of us, taken on Valentine’s Day, 10 years after our engagement.

And a bonus 11th pic because I just realised I didn’t include any wedding pictures! Duh.


Happy 9th Anniversary baby. Hope this can count as a card, because I forgot to get one. I’ll do better next year. 🙂 Love you xo

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16 thoughts on “9 Years Ago

  1. Happy Anniversity Aroha! These are such gorgeous pictures of the two of you! So many beautiful memories. I never realised that you came from America! Wishing you both many, many more fabulously happy years of happiness together 🙂 x

    • Nothing much special yesterday, but mum is staying Saturday with Nick Saturday night and we are going out to dinner! Honestly can’t remember the last time the 2 of us went out to dinner. Our 5th anniversary maybe?!

  2. Happy anniversary. What a fun idea! I might do this one day too. I can’t believe how different your husband looks in the first photo to some of the other ones. Watching him become a man, haha! Awesome. Keep having fun together, that’s the secret!

  3. Beautiful – you both look so happy in each and every one of those pics Aroha. I love the Epcot one – we are heading there in April for our trip of a lifetime with the kids. Can’t wait to check out the happiest place on earth for ourselves. Happy anniversary x

    • Of course we look happy! No one has taken photos of us when we are yelling at each other lol! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! We are hoping to get there next May (’16) but might just do Disneyland and Legoland in California instead.

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