Walking The Walk

Something strange happened today. I got a phone call. Well, while that in itself is strange, it is a post for another day. Today’s call was strange because it was in response to a job application I sent a couple of nights ago. I have sent many a job application over the years, and I can count on one hand the number of phone calls I’ve received in response to them. In fact, I’ve been on quite the rampage lately, adamant that, “NO ONE I KNOW has ever got a job from applying online via sites like seek!”

Not that I have the job yet. But I do have an interview! It got me wondering though, “What did I write this time that initiated enough interest for an interview?” What was different about this application to all the rest? Then I re-read my cover letter. I wonder if saying, ” I am a very hard worker who has the ability to brainstorm ideas and make them come to life while working to a deadline” had anything to do with it.

I’m a what?! Who can what?!

I am so bad at job interviews. The thing that bothers me about the job process is that we prepare a resume – a snapshot of our very best qualities. We write a cover letter, full of what we think they want to hear. We go to interviews where we say what they want to hear. And then we hope they hire us so we can try to do all the things we have claimed to be so good at along the way!

So I have read and re-read the job description, the requirements and I know that I could do this job, and I could do it very well! I know that this is the exact kind of position I have been hoping would come along. No pressure or anything, right? But I’d love, just once, to be able to go into a job interview, and instead of following protocol, be able to say something like, “Hi, it’s really nice to meet you. Look, I am really bad at job interviews, and I am nervous as hell today, but I know that I could knock this job out of the park, and that you would never for a second regret hiring me. Right now I can’t think what I’m really good at because I have dry mouth and I’m worried my arm pits are starting to show sweat marks on this new $129 dress I bought especially for this interview, which without this job, I can’t afford. I also won’t waste your time giving you the expected answers for what my weaknesses are. I can be lazy. I like candy crush a little too much, but neither of those would affect my ability to excel in this position. Which is exactly what I would do if we could just skip the formality of an interview and get on with the job! When should I start?”

How do you think that would go over?

So I read the rest of my cover letter, re-read my resume. I know I can do everything I have listed,  yet part of me questions it all. DO I have advanced knowledge of Photoshop and publisher? DO I work well autonomously and in a team? DO I have experience in social media marketing? Outside of following businesses on Facebook and Twitter? Maybe not, but surely I can fake that part. Lord knows I am on Facebook enough!

I’ve passed the first stage – getting their attention via email. Now I need to be able to talk the talk in the interview. I have a week to prepare. Ironically enough, this job is with stylists. STYLISTS!? What the hell does one wear to an interview with stylists? If I’m successful in getting this job, I then need to be able to walk the walk. Or at the very least fake it until I can make it.

New jobs are scary, aren’t they? Even the idea of a new job. Leaving an old one where you have comfort and stability. Although if I get this job I’ll be doing both for a while. Having to be on your best behaviour until you get to know your new colleagues.

At the very least, the interview experience will be good for me. The best that could happen? I get a job that gets me not only out of my current industry, but into my current field of study, doing something that has come as natural to me as anything else, since the first communications class I took back in 1996! But, no pressure!

I have a week to prepare, which includes making notes for the interview and figuring out what on earth to wear. Again I ask, what do you wear to an interview with a styling company? Granted, they’re not clothes stylists, but still. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! As would interview tips and the very best of good thoughts and vibes for next Wednesday.

When was your last interview? Were you nervous? What did you wear? 

10 thoughts on “Walking The Walk

  1. To be honest, I think that if you went into an interview and said that you would probably have a better than average chance of getting the job. Maybe let them open with something and just suss them out – if they aren’t too stuffed shirtish, I would think that they would get it and probably really really appreciate your honesty. I know that if someone did that to me when I was interviewing I would have found it really refreshing – asked a couple of questions pertinent to the job, asked them if they had any questions and just chatted. It really depends on the interviewer as to how that would go down – but you would never die wondering !!!!
    Do you have a smart skirt/longs and work style shirt ? Business suit ? And probably a medium height court shoes.
    GOOD LUCK !!!!!

  2. I’m so happy for you my friend, could be the start of something AWESOME! I wish I could give advice but the last interview I had was about 9 years ago… And I agree with L, being upfront, honest and smart will woo the interviewers. We should have a few practice runs, I’ll bring wine 😉 xx

  3. I LOVE what you want to say. I think that would absolutely get their attention. “Hey, guess what, I’m SO nervous. Let’s all just say the worst joke we’ve ever heard and then get on with it, shall we?” I remember one job interview where I was asked a really curly question. You’d think I’d remember it, but I can’t, I just remembered thinking WOAH. I thought for a second, then realised I needed longer, and actually said, “I just need some time to think about that one, so I’m just going to sit here in silence and think for a bit before I answer.” And I did. And then I answered. Two interviews later I had the job, and they told me that was one of the things that stood out. That I gave something serious consideration and didn’t feel rushed to give a rubbish answer and that’s exactly what they wanted for the role. Just be yourself. A nervous, sweating, bumbling version of yourself!

    (As for what to wear, I’m at a loss. Simple dress with a blazer and killer shoes perhaps?)

  4. Next Wednesday must have come and gone by now. How did you go? Did you get the job? If you are still waiting to hear I wish you the very best of luck.

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