Which Celebrity?

Things have been so heavy around here lately I wanted to lighten it up a bit.

I was at my work Christmas party Tuesday night, and mid-sentence I get asked, “Do you ever get “Blondie?”” I was confused. I thought he meant because my hair is blonde, do people call me “Blondie?” That or he was trying to say what I was talking about was dumb (blonde) stuff. Turned out he meant did anyone ever tell me I look like Deborah Harry!

“Deborah Harry!?!?!?! Isn’t she 60?!!??!!? I look SIXTY?!!??!?!” I found about 5 different ways to take his comment as an insult, when he was trying to compliment me. “NO! A YOUNG Deborah Harry!” he said. “Oh….no, no one has ever told me that,” I said.

Then last night, flicking through the channels, The Mechanic stopped on a Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher movie, Killers. “She reminds me of you…every now and then,” he said.

The only other time I’ve been told I look like a celebrity was in high school when someone told me I looked like Christina Applegate! Those were back in the days of Married…With Children!

I, of course, don’t see any of these. But I have thought others are “The spitting IMAGE!” or someone before, and I’m sure that they couldn’t see it, either.



Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Was it a compliment? Could you see it? 


4 thoughts on “Which Celebrity?

  1. Own it girl – what great compliments! Never been told I look like anyone, well except one old guy, Maltese radio announcer from western Sydney told me I looked like Brooke from the Bold and the Beautiful, did I mention he was blind!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous pic! You know what? I used to get you and Clairey Hewitt mixed up. Must be the whole blonde thing 🙂 I have been told many a time that I look like Jennifer Love-Hewitt. I just wish I had her boobs. I’ve also been told I look like Miranda from Sex n the City which I’m not too happy about. I don’t find her very attractive. Sorry Miranda or whatever your name in real life is :/

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