Why Puppies are Like Toddlers


In case you were living under a rock this past weekend, or don’t have any associations in Queensland whatsoever, we had record temperatures over the last two days, with parts of the state reaching 43 degrees. It didn’t get far off that here on the Gold Coast. So when it was still 35 degrees at 4:30 Sunday afternoon, we decided to put the kid and the dog in the car and go to The Spit. For those not familiar, The Spit is the seaway, just up the road from Sea World, and a pretty popular beach with dog owners, photographers and surfers. All for different reasons.

Now, Maggie May is 5.5 months old, and taking her to any off-lead dog area is like taking a toddler to the biggest playground you can find and letting them free. Naturally, we weren’t the only ones with the brilliant idea to escape the heat and head to the beach yesterday, which made for a lot of fun in keeping Maggie somewhat under control (it’s all relative, after all).

IMG_4004.JPGSure, she looks harmless.

The first person to get a big ol’ kiss from Miss Maggie was an older gentleman who, along with his wife, had the smallest and yappiest dog on the beach. Maggie thought it was a great game, getting this dog to chase and yap at her. Now that she’s bigger, when she jumps up she can lick people’s faces. We are trying to discourage the jumping up, and the kissing, but it’s taking a bit longer than expected. She knows she can’t do it to us, but she still thinks everyone else wants her kisses. To be fair, some do, but most don’t.

The second guy to get some puppy love is still making me laugh. It was a surfer, laying on his back on the beach next to his board, arms spread out, eyes closed. I don’t know if he was sleeping, meditating, or what, but he was the most unsuspecting of the lot, which made it that much funnier. I wish I had video to share with you. Maggie thinks anyone or anything her height or below is fair game, so this guy got a big ol’ smooch all over his face. I have never seen anyone move so fast as this guy did. He sat bolt upright, looking all around as if to say “Who was that?!” He was less than impressed when he saw me, approaching and calling Maggie and trying not to fall over laughing. Dude, free advice…don’t go to sleep on a dog beach!

IMG_4006.JPGDid you say beach?! Let’s go!


Just when I thought she could be trusted to run around and play with dogs and greet the humans, I found myself in a flat out sprint chasing her. She was headed towards a photographer, up in the dunes, taking pics of an adorable little baby, maybe 12 months old, wearing a Santa hat. I could see it all unfolding before my eyes, and took off, calling her and saying, “No!” which is a bit like telling an 8 month old not to take his nappy off and play with his poo. They don’t get it, they think it’s funny. All I could imagine was her bowling over the baby and the poor family’s Christmas Card featuring a terrified child covered in wet sandy dog. At that moment, the child’s father turned around and saw Maggie and she went to him instead. Phew! Close call.

IMG_3942.JPGWhat do you mean you don’t want my kisses?


In my relief about her not bowling over the baby, I neglected to notice as she wandered right into the middle of a soccer game. Yep, full blown soccer game, with at least 8 a side, right in the middle of a dog beach. Now, maybe most dogs don’t mind this, but Maggie likes to think of herself as a bit of a Puppy Pele. She is pretty good at nosing and batting around a soccer ball, so she just jumped straight in. Imagine her disappointment when they tried to kick her out of the game! Some free advice for them, too – don’t play soccer, or ANY ball sports at A FREAKING DOG BEACH!

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway, don’t you love that saying?) not only was Maggie worn out, but I’d about had enough myself. I remember the days of The Mechanic and I needing to tag-team it and watch Nick at the beach and I don’t miss them. But it turns out we now need to take turns watching Maggie and keeping her out of mischief. “Isn’t she a friendly dog?” the first couple said. Yes. And a bit of a pain in the ass. She’s lucky she is loyal and cute. And that Nick loves her so much. Just saying.

What do you think of dog beaches? Do you have to chase your dog around and mind her behaviour?

Linking up with Emily at Have a Laugh On Me for the Laugh Linkup.
Because trust me, if you were watching me yesterday, I’m sure it would have been a funny sight!

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8 thoughts on “Why Puppies are Like Toddlers

  1. I’m not game to take our dogs to any off-lead area – we did a few times when they were little to a place out hear Oyster Cove because it was fenced. While they listen reasonably well – I’m not a huge dog fan so not that keen on other dogs coming up to say hullo to me !!! LOL
    We played with them and the hose and they just love that – must try to do it more often as I’m sure they feel the heat just like we do.
    Have the best week !
    Me xox

  2. I don’t have pets but like the idea of off-lead areas. We have a few in Hervey Bay and I can only imagine how much they love running the beach freely.

    It’s also good for those who hate animals as they’re unlikely to get barked at or licked to death!

  3. My dog is nearly always perfect off leash – if she gets distracted I just run away and she follows me. Apart from this one time where a woman sat down to watch us on the empty beach with her and my dog took off – that woman must have had something weird about her because that’s the only time it has ever happened (naturally it also happened as I was alone on the beach with her because my husband was off taking some poop to the bin). At dog parks she kind of ignores other dogs and goes up to humans and sits on their feet and waits for a scratch.

  4. We used to take our two staffies to off-leash dog beaches in Fremantle when we lived there, because let’s face it, they are SPOILED for beaches over there. I miss it so much and the dogs were never happier. As much as I love the mountains, I really miss the beach.

  5. Gosh, she’s beautiful. I just love her coat how the white goes down so far. That would have been hilarious with that surfer. That will be the last time he does that 🙂 x

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