10 Reasons to STAYcation instead of VAYcation

As I type this I am 3 days in to my 9-day staycation! What’s a staycation, I hear some of you say? A staycation is where you take leave from work but instead of going away for a vacation (as the yanks call it – holiday here in Aus), you stay home!

And really, when you live within 20 minutes drive of this, why would you go anywhere anyway?!


If you are like us, you jam too much in and before you know it, your holiday is over, and you need a vacation to recover! These school holidays we decided we wouldn’t do that. Ok, so we’re so broke we can’t pay attention and going away was never an option, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes you really do just need time off to do nothing. Here are the top 10 benefits to having a staycation.

10. You can catch up on some of that stuff around the house that you’ve been meaning to do. This might not seem like a benefit, but I’ll just say, you don’t have to spend ALL your holidays doing housework, but maybe that fence you’ve been meaning to fix, or the bricks you’ve been meaning to pressure wash, or the furniture you’ve wanted to rearrange will finally get done and it will be one less thing on your “to-do” list!

9. You get to sleep in your own bed. How often do you go away and the bed is too hard/soft/lumpy, and you spend the whole time away sleeping so badly that you’re even more exhausted by the end of the trip?

8. You get to shower in your own bathroom and use regular size shampoo and conditioner. I must admit, our bathroom is quite small and some of the hotel bathrooms are absolute luxury compared to ours, but it is nice to not have to spend a week learning where the taps need to be for the temperature to be “just right” and it’s nice to have normal shampoo and conditioner! Let’s face it, travel ones are never the same.

7. You have time to catch up with friends that you are often too busy to see. When you go away, unless you are the kind of person who makes friends with the people staying next door or sitting at the next table at the restaurant, you are pretty much on your own as a family! I know, sometimes that is nice, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to have friends over without the stress of work or school the next day.

6. Your whole wardrobe is at your disposal! Is there anything worse than going away on holiday only to realise you left your favourite outfit at home or you only packed one pair of shoes and of COURSE they are the wrong ones! (Although it does make for a good excuse for some holiday shopping, it’s still nice to have all your clothes and shoes at your disposal on a staycation!).

5. You don’t have to eat takeaway or expensive restaurant food and drinks every night. That is a huge saving on money! I know you can often stay places with full kitchens when you go away, but there’s something about being away that makes you (well, me) feel like I have to go to local restaurants.

4. You don’t have to find someone to watch the dog! I know you can go camping with a dog, and some places are pet friendly, but what do you do with the dog if you want to go out for the day, to somewhere it can’t go? Let’s face it, holidaying with a dog is just way too hard, and boarding them or asking a friend to watch them can get expensive or intrusive. Maggie is just 4 months old, she’s nowhere near trained enough to ask someone else to mind her for a week while we’re gone!


I know she’s cute, but she’s also trouble!

3. You get to do things that are nearby that you otherwise don’t usually get time to do. For us, we live in a major tourist destination – the Gold Coast – yet we practically never do any of the touristy stuff. Even though we have theme park annual passes! We also have loved just visiting local parks with Maggie and playing cricket or going for walks. I wish there was time to start every morning with a walk to the cricket ground.

2. You don’t have to pack! This is somewhat related to #6, but slightly different. It is such a hassle to have to pack for the whole family (although to be fair, our family is small and my husband does his own packing), you have to guess what you’re going to feel like wearing, what the weather will be like, what places you’re going to go – will they be casual, fancy, both? The packing list includes clothes, toiletries, shoes, electronics (iPad, iPhones, chargers, camera, SD cards…the list goes on!), and how frustrating is it when you get there and realise you FORGOT THE CHARGER EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ON THE LIST! Not that I’ve EVER done that mind you…


 1. There is no stress about traveling – not great distances to drive, no delayed planes to catch and no public transport to negotiate at the other end. I don’t know about you, but this one causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety. I don’t really like to travel. I mean, I like to go places, I just wish I could snap my fingers and be instantly teleported there. With a staycation, there is none of that to stress me out.

Have you ever had a staycation? What do you like about it? What stresses you out the most about going away?

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17 thoughts on “10 Reasons to STAYcation instead of VAYcation

  1. A stay-cation is a great way to regroup when things are hectic the rest of the time. I wish we had some leave to stay-cation – there is so much that we need to do around the house and we wouldn’t have to spend weekends/evenings doing it !!!! Of course, we could always just not bother doing it but it’s doing my head in having cr*p everywhere !!!
    So glad to hear you are enjoying your break – you certainly deserve it ! And the weather is just beautiful at this time of the year.
    Me xox

  2. I think it is a great idea. We were supposed to be in Sydney this week visiting hubby but I bailed last minute. I decided to save the money we would have spent on flights and boarding two dogs at the kennel and stay here. We have gone to the beach, caught up with friends, today we are taking one day to tackle all the piles laying around the house and I have been able to keep working in short bursts. Xx

  3. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay-cation. I had a Problogger/Yoga teacher training staycation recently, with a few days of general R&R thrown in. It was busy and great, sadly I went back to work and it feels like I had no time off.

  4. Staycations can be very relaxing. These days being only part time in the work force, I feel like I get mini staycations all the time lol and usually there are needed after a holiday away too 😉

  5. I do love to go away and Im finding as Im getting older, I like to add a few extra days at home, a staycation of sorts at the end of the holiday. A holiday from the holiday and to do not much at all. Im also finding more and more people are doing this lately when I have asked what they are doing for their holidays…With all the benefits you outlines, I totally get why.

  6. Exactly! Why would you go anywhere else when you have that as your backyard!! We have only had two holidays as a family. Because we’ve been saving the money, building or renovating, we’ve always stayed home for xmas and easter holidays. I’d be happy with any sort of break right now to be honest. xx

  7. I’m having a staycation right now and loving it. The main thing for me is not having to leave my dogs! Plus all the other things you mentioned. I want to live where you live though!

  8. LOL! Had to laugh when you put that part about forgetting a recharger in capitals. I have a meltdown when that happens!
    When I lived in Tokyo, I loved having staycations. It seemed I always spent my time working full on and partying equally hard or travelling outside of Tokyo. So, when I actually found myself taking a few days off to explore the city, it was kinda nice.

  9. This is so true. My two are 2 and 4 years old, so going away is actually more stressful than staying at home! I am insanely jealous of your proximity to the beach. Like, massively jealous.

  10. We are having a stay cation these holidays too – not quite as magical as your surrounds though……. We have planned an activity each day to try and stay sane. One week down!!!!!! 🙂

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