Evolution of a Profile Pic

* this is not a sponsored post and I am most certainly not a makeup blogger! I’m just sharing what has worked for me lately. That, and I am avoiding having to think about writing any kind of meaningful post while life is feeling a bit more difficult than usual late.  

How awesome are photo filters? I decided I was going to do a “progression” of a selfie, starting with the blank canvas. I’m pretty much of the age now when I should be wearing makeup every day. My complexion is blotchy and the age spots are rapidly multiplying. I have never been a big makeup wearer. I would put some on for special occasions, but even then it was just foundation, eye shadow and lippy. I wouldn’t bother with eyeliner or mascara because it was too much of PITA to take off at night. Not only that, but when I did wear makeup, my face would break out. But I have finally got my act together and got a half decent skin regime each night and morning, and I’ve found some makeup that I am absolutely loving, by Rimmel London.

Without further ado, here is my Evolution of a Profile Pic:

Step one: Blank canvas –


Step 2: Apply makeup! I’ve used Maybelline primer, Rimmel London BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mouse foundation, l’acura blush, Stefan eye shadow and mascara, an eyeliner and a dark lippy. I’ve also used my eyeliner to fill in my eyebrows. I’ve always avoided blush for fear of using too much and looking like a clown. Getting the right balance is tricky!



Step 3: Apply a filter and share on all your favourite social media! I’m not entirely sure which one this particular one is, but it’s probably from the Little Moments app by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim. If you don’t have her app yet, get it, NOW. What are you waiting for?




If you can’t get a professional to take pics, then filtered-selfies are the next best thing, I think! What selfie tips do you have?

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21 thoughts on “Evolution of a Profile Pic

    • No, I’ll be keeping the flowers! This is is my Twitter pic tho. I didn’t realise how much the flowers meant until someone told me they saw some and thought of me! I think I’m stuck with them now 🙂

  1. GORGEOUS!! And I have just started wearing BB every day and whacking on some lippie, after the L’Oreal thingee at PB, we must catch up soon – I have a mucky day of work then dentist today – ICK! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you lovely, you look great x

  2. I take so many selfies to get the perfect one, that I have a whole photo stream if odd pics of me. It’s a little sad really.
    I think you’re beautiful both with and without makeup. You’ve just got that classic beauty. xx

  3. You are such a natural beauty. When I go without makeup I look like a Friday night special. Meanwhile, what is with age spots?!! I hate them 😦 Anyway, you look lovely with or without makeup and filters x

  4. I don’t have an Iphone! haha. Otherwise I would be all over Little moments app! I am always thinking I should wear makeup again, I used to wear it everyday to work, then I had more kids! Surely I could find 5 minutes in the morning 🙂

  5. I avoid blush for the same reason – whenever I’ve had my makeup done professionally it’s looked great but any time I’ve tried blush at home I’ve ended up looking like Ronald McDonald…
    (Also, you can totes get away with makeup-free, you are gorgeous!)

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