Signs Your Baby Is Growing Up

If I wasn’t so depressed that my “baby” is growing up, I’d be able to laugh at some of our conversations recently.

“I want to catch the bus to school” he said, as we were driving past some kids waiting at the bus stop. “Really?” I asked, while inside I screamed, “No bloody way!”

While walking Maggie yesterday morning, he said, “Maybe I can take Maggie for a walk by myself. Just me and Maggie.” “One day,” I said. “Maybe when I’m 6, or 7,” he said (he’s 6 now). “Maybe when you’re 10…or 12,” I answered.

Wednesday night he was talking about school. He started telling a story about his teacher. “Cindy….” he started, and I can’t tell you what he said about her because my brain was in shock that he’d called her by her first name. “Cindy?!” I said. “Yeah, that’s her real name,” he said. I asked him, “Do you think Cindy is pretty?” “Yep….prettier than a butterfly!” he told me. When I relayed the conversation to her the next day, she said, “Well he did tell me today, “I’m going to miss you over the weekend.” Looks like we have our first crush on teacher.

When doing his homework last week, going over his sight words, he missed one. He punched himself in the head, twice! “Don’t punch yourself in the head!” I said. “It’s MY HEAD, I can do whatever I want!”

I’m being reminded on an almost daily basis that my baby is no longer a “baby”. “But you’ll always be MY baby” I tell him. “No, MAGGIE is the baby now!” he says. He just doesn’t understand. I hope one day he has kids of his own, and he’ll finally understand how we feel about him. No one loves you like your mother does. Ever. Dad comes a very close second.

How is it that this moment seems just like yesterday? I’d love to go back to that day.


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7 thoughts on “Signs Your Baby Is Growing Up

  1. Oh I know they grow up so fast don’t they. My 5 year old daughter and I were looking at her baby scrapbook and I made the mistake of saying I miss my “baby” girl. She took that to mean I didn’t like the 5 year old version.

  2. How dare they grow up so bloody fast??? Time just doesn’t apologise does it and you’ve barely got time to catch up.
    I love the little things they come out with. They’re just the best. I’ve started to make note of them because my mummy brain is very dodgy and I want to be able to feel the warm fuzz over and over again when I read their little words and remember the little conversations.

    My boy says I’m not a baby, I’m a fireman!

  3. I was thinking this exact same thing yesterday as I was filling out the enrolment forms for my son to start school next year. When did this happen?!?!? That’s a gorgeous photo. How awesome are they when they are all squishy and new like that!

  4. What a cutie pie and he’s right in one way, Maggie is the baby of the family right now… and I agree, I wish I could go back to birth days, oh how I’d change so much of what I’d do, slow down and soak in those moments xx Thanks for linking my friend x

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