Eating Crow About Puppies V Newborns

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how I thought getting a puppy was a FAR BETTER idea than having a second child. I thought puppies were better than newborns, for SO many reasons. Well, I should announce, we officially became parents of a 9 week old Border Collie on the weekend. We brought Maggie May home on Saturday, and boy was it an interesting first 72 hours! We swore she would be an outdoor dog. Yes, go ahead and finish laughing before I continue.

The first night she spent in the laundry. That was ok, until 3:30 am when she was crying and scratching at the door. Two wees on the floor, we expected, but she did not like being in the laundry by herself. So we went and bought a crate and put her in our bedroom the next night. This made her much happier. The husband took her out at 12:30 am to wee, the human child came into our bed at 2 am, at 3:30 am the furchild wanted back out. I couldn’t go back to sleep. The third night the husband took her out at 1:30, we all went back to sleep, all was good until 4 am when the human child wet his bed. The furchild went back out while the human child came into our bed where he couldn’t stop coughing. Another 4 am wake up for me, making 3 in a row, now!

photo 1

I thought I’d go back to my reasons for puppies being better than newborns and just see which of my thoughts had changed:

1. You don’t have to be pregnant and get fat to get one.

True. But you have 9 months to prepare for baby’s arrival and adjust to the idea that life is about to change! We expected to bring Maggie home next week but were told when we visited Saturday that we could take her then and there!

2. They don’t take 3 years to toilet train.

No, but they also don’t wear nappies, which means that 2 to 3 times a night you have to actually take them outside to relieve themselves otherwise they WILL wee all over the floor. 

3. They only eat 2 times a day.

Wrong, they eat 3 times a day when pups! Who knew??

4. You can leave them outside.

You CAN, but they don’t actually like this. Turns out they much prefer to be wherever you are. 

5. If they cry you can shut them up by throwing a ball.

Sort of true, but who wants to throw a ball around for an hour at 3 am?! 

6. They won’t grow up to start talking and back chatting to you.

They won’t, but they still have their way of being cheeky, naughty and stubborn without needing words! 

7. If trained properly they will do everything you ask and more.

This is yet to be determined. Let’s see if we can get her “trained properly”. 

8. They love you unconditionally, just as you love your human babies.

Puppies are cute, they are part of the family, they are loveable. But they are not babies. They might love you like you love your human baby, but when you have human babies a dog is, well, still just a dog. 


 photo 2

I am trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is that when she’s toilet trained she’s going to be a fantastic addition to our family. I don’t know why I didn’t realise how much hard work puppies are!

 Do you have a puppy? Do you have any puppy advice? 


8 thoughts on “Eating Crow About Puppies V Newborns

  1. We went the same route many years ago and never again. So last week when we went to adopt a cat I swore no kittens. Naturally we ended up with a kitten. But at five months she us trained, but we’re still debating the indoor outdoor thing. I have a feeling we will have her inside way more than planned. Btw, you’re pup is a cutie.

  2. You’re doing really well!! Keep at it I promise it does get better; a lot better when you can walk her and burn some of her energy off too!! In re to training just be consistent, they learn fairly quickly but will still have accidents and forget, so patience too 🙂

  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I love this. Isn’t it funny that way that our expectations and reality often collide in totally unanticipated ways? That dog is super-cute, by the way. One thing I do know is that puppies are WAY cuter than human babies.

  4. I feel for you with the night wakings. There are always trade offs I guess. We got ours at 18 months old each and none of that but can be harder to train them later so maybe focus on starting puppy school soon and then you will be grinning- deb xx

  5. Hang in there – it does get easier !!!! Having had a 6month old puppy and then a 10 week old puppy, the 6month old was definitely easier !!!
    Also, they will be inside or outside dogs – and you get to decide which !!!! Ours are outside dogs if we aren’t home and sometimes when we are home. They only come inside if we are in the house. They have always slept outside except this winter since we moved – but when it warms up again, they will be sleeping outside again. They have a lovely bed and shelter – no reason why they shouldn’t be outside if that is where you want them to be.
    She is a cutie – but then it’s hard to find a puppy or a kitten that isn’t – that’s the way they are made otherwise nobody would be able to get rid of them after they were born !!! LOL
    Have a great week !
    Me xox

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