What Customer Service Should Look Like

I love modern technology. I love companies that have embraced modern technology and are using it to provide excellent customer service.

I recently bought a dress from Target. When I got it home, the zip kept getting stuck and was so temperamental I took to Twitter to have a whinge.



Almost instantly I had a response from Target’s Twitter team.

photo 2


Chatting with a customer service agent online let me express the problem, and she offered to look up what stores near me had the dress in stock so that I could go and exchange it. A store just down the road – but not the one we had planned on going to – had plenty in stock.

We headed there the next day and found that the zip is just a bit temperamental because it’s a hidden zip. I did get one that didn’t get stuck a few times, but did a couple of times, and decided that I’d just get a refund.

Social media cops a bit of a flogging for lots of reasons, but used correctly it can be a really great tool, for companies as well as individuals.

I’ve recently started doing some work experience with a business that is just dipping its toes into social media, but the owner isn’t entirely sold on its importance. I can’t wait to see if I can make an impact on the company by providing the kind of customer service Target is providing.

Alternately, providing poor customer service through your social media sites can have the exact opposite effect. Long story short, I’ll never buy one of these laptops again!

Have you had a great customer service experience through social media?

*This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience and a small example of how powerful social media as a customer service tool can be

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11 thoughts on “What Customer Service Should Look Like

  1. So true Aroha, I’ve had far more helpful customer service via Twitter than the usual ways. Smart businesses know that being instantly helpful and accessible is the way to go.

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