Whose Idea Was a Puppy!?

Let’s get a puppy, I said. It’ll be fun, I said. It’ll be great for Nick, I said.

photo 1

Here I am, 4 am, sitting out the back of my house blogging, because I’ve been awake since 3 am because of the PUPPY!

There is not enough coffee in the world for this. I had long forgotten what it felt like to be sleep deprived. I have one child, he’s six. And although recently he’s been waking EVERY NIGHT and coming in to our bed again, for the most part I have been a very sleep-privileged parent in recent years.

I must confess. I have no idea what it is like or what it means to have a puppy. I knew I had NO idea what we were getting ourselves in to. And is there ever more of a time for regret than 4 am? A few hours sleep and I know I’d feel differently. But I don’t know when I’m going to get that sleep.

After crying and scratching at the laundry door for 30 minutes, she went quiet. Finally, I thought, we can all go back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later it started again.

“Maybe she needs to poo?” I told my husband, who had taken her out at 2:30, she poo’d and ate a bit of food. Then she wanted to play so he put her back in the laundry. “Your turn,” he said.

And here I am. She thinks it’s play time. She wants lots of cuddles and kisses. Hmmmm, where do I remember this scenario from?

And I’m wondering whose idea was it to get this puppy? And now that we have her…what do we do with her!?

photo 2


I would love to hear your puppy tips! Toilet training, leaving them home alone, best toys to get, what to blog about at 4 am!?!

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11 thoughts on “Whose Idea Was a Puppy!?

  1. She is gorgeous. I will admit one reason we adopted older dogs was to avoid the puppy stage. Our border collie was 18 mo old when we got her as was Evie. I hope she settles down soon. Like a baby would it help to have her sleep in a bed in your room? Deb xx

    • Hubby bought a crate yesterday and she slept in it in our room last night, was much happier. Hubby took her outside at 12:30 and 3:30 and I got up with her at 5. But lots less crying and no peeing inside. Until 5:30 this morning when she went in the kitchen. aaaagh! Would have loved to adopt a dog, but thought it would be good for Nick to have a puppy! WHY?!?!?! haha, nah, all good, they are in love with each other, it’s so cute.

  2. Ohhh she is SO CUTE! And I love the name because my parents had a beagle named Maggie and she had puppies and I had one of them named Betsy. My Mr 10 keeps begging for a dog and I’m so tempted to give in sometimes. So, you’re saying don’t?? But she’s cuuute…

  3. Oh dear – this brings back recent memories!! I nearly lost the plot when we got Ava as a puppy. My youngest child is 19 – so sleep deprivation was a thing of way in the past and OMG – I do not handle it well now! Here’s the post I did at the time. We did a puppy roster – http://minsmash.com/2012/12/11/puppy-roster/ AND here is the post where I admitted I wasn’t coping – http://minsmash.com/2012/12/06/confessions-from-a-new-puppy-mum/ Hang in there – it does get better and she is very cute 🙂 xo

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