An Ode To My 6 Year Old

Yesterday my baby, my one and only, turned six years old. SIX! I know they say time flies, and it really does, so why am I surprised every year he gets another one older, that he’s “so big now!”?? I am so proud of the boy he’s become and can’t to see what kind of man he grows in to. We skipped the big party this year and just celebrated with us and Nanna, and it was so great. In his honour, I wrote this Ode.

An Ode To My Son

You changed our lives six years ago,
Just how much, I hope one day you’ll know.
Life has never been the same,
We were blessed the day on which you came.


There is no greater feeling than being a mum,
And seeing so much of yourself in your son.
Even when it’s the qualities perhaps less desired,
Watching you learn and grow has me inspired.


You are such a sweet and gentle soul,
With a heart so big and full of gold.
Your laugh is infectious, it makes me smile,
For you I would walk a million miles.


 I love you more, each and every day,
The last six years have just blown me away,
I can’t wait to see what the future holds,
Happy Birthday bubba, I love you a zillion*-fold.


 * Our “thing” is to say “I love you a zillion, gillion muches” at bedtime.

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