Why I Write

The awesome Em at Have A Laugh On Me, who I’m lucky to have as one of my “IRL BFFs” tagged me in this “Why I Write” blog hop. She said, “I need a blurb and picture of you for this blog hop thing I’m doing.” “Okay, sure!” I said, after 5 vodkas. Then I read her “Why I Write” post and realised what I’d signed myself up for! The things we do for besties, especially after some bevvies. So without further ado, here is “Why I write.”

What Am I Working On?

I’m currently working on a piece for Lisa from Random Acts of Zen‘s book! Have you heard about it? It’s a book about stories. Well, OK so every book has a story. This will have lots of different stories, from real women, from all walks of life, all with their own stories to share about how they came to a place of zen in their lives. It’s a hard one, because it’s something I feel I need to get just right. What I plan to write about has affected me and I know has affected many, MANY others, yet we all experience it in our own ways and we all come to terms with it in our own ways. Though I have to admit, I’ve not even penned the first word yet. Now that I’ve finished my first semester of my masters degree, I can concentrate on it. As for my blog, I am not working on anything at the moment, as it’s all I can do to even get one blog a week out to participate in IBOT at the moment.


How Does My Writing Differ From Others In My Genre?

Good question. A better one would be, “What is your genre?” I don’t know. I’m not much of a mummy blogger. Occasionally I bust out a Letter To Nick, but they are few and far between. I feel like I can be quite deep with my writing, perhaps a little too much so. Everything always feels so serious on this blog. I’m a pretty witty person face to face, and that doesn’t always translate into writing.


Why Do I Write?

Why does anyone write? It is in our blood! Under our skin! We wouldn’t do it otherwise. Some people are math people, others are science people, others are English people. I was always more interested in reading and writing than arithmetic. I have a degree in journalism, and although I was never a journalist, I still feel like there’s that journo in me that wants to share a story every now and then. I just share my own, instead of someone else’s. I also write if something compels me enough. Sometimes that is politics, sometimes it’s general news, sometimes it’s utter shite! Ha!


How Does My Writing Process Work?

This is how it usually goes:

“It’s Monday night. Shit, IBOT is tomorrow and I have nothing scheduled. What can I write about?”
*log on to FB to Team IBOT group*
“What can I write about tomorrow? I’ve got nothing!”
“I’ll just write about this random/obscure/totally boring thing I just thought of instead.”

Just kidding. Sometimes I do that Sunday night and am a bit more prepared.

Ok, totally serious now…I wait until something comes to me. Sometimes I read something that gets my mind ticking and I end up in a completely different place and just have to blog it. Sometimes I just have a feeling that I need to get out or share, even if no one reads it, it is better out than in, I always say!

This is where the magic randomness happens.


So part of this blog hop is to tag 3 other bloggers and ask them to answer the same questions as above. Here’s the 3 lovely ladies I’m tagging:

Kylie Purtell from A Study In Contradictions

Kylie is a wife, mother, book lover and wannabe photographer. Kylie is mum to two gorgeous girls, wife to long-suffering husband Dave, and has unhealthy crushes on Daddy Pig and Jimmy Giggle (and Hoot).


Kathy from Ying Yang Mother

Kathy writes a lot about having balance in life – as evidenced by her blog title! Yoga, zen, balance, contentment are focuses in Kathy’s blog, as well as sharing about life with her two gorgeous (and adopted) kids.

Rachel from Hopeful Rae of Sunshine

Rachel is married to her best friend who is, as she puts it, the cheese to her macaroni! She blogs about life, balance, weight loss, loves bold lipstick and singing Disney songs in the shower (who doesn’t?!).

You can see all the bloggers who have participated in the blog hop on Always Josefa’s blog here.

And today I’m linking my “Why I Write” post up with Essentially Jess for I Blog On Tuesdays!

14 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. You rock! Thanks for saying yes when you were so busy, this post took me hours to write – didn’t i mention that? 😉 Your fab wit does shine through at times but IRL you is fugging hilarious and you have one of the best dry wits I know! And love! x

  2. Great post a really interesting read to see why you blog and what you love about it. Well done on getting 1 post out a week, I can’t seem to even manage that at the mo. x

  3. Thank you lovely for tagging me (I think, as from the ‘Why I write’ posts I’ve read they do seem like they took quite a bit of thinking). I always feel you write from the heart, whether it be opinion, reflection or an everyday anecdote – it feels like a friendly chat in a way, even though of course it is just you writing. Are you going to Zanni’s event in Byron? Will be nice to catch up, or if not soon again – need to have a few bevies with you and Em.

  4. I can only imagine trying o keep blogging while doing your masters so good on you for any magic or randomness xxx deb

  5. Loved this! I instantly got a smile on my face when I started reading. You definitely have a way with words and your sense of humour shines through. Exciting project you’re working on too. I can’t wait to read Lisa’s book.

  6. Here I am meeting a new blogger because of this lovely blog hop. Love that! And thank you for the reminder as I am also supposed to be working on a piece for Lisa’s book and I have not yet started… x

  7. I’ve really enjoyed reading your Why I Write Aroha. Yes, your approach is quite different to mine, but there’s a lot of value in telling personal stories to help other people. I love the idea of Random Acts of Zen, and it would be lovely to hear your story.

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