Why Puppies Are Better Than Newborns

So as I posted a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been considering growing our family – by 4 paws and a tail! And just on the down-low, we are going to visit a 3 week old pup next Sunday! Don’t tell the 5 year old, he doesn’t know yet. Some people have commented that we wanted a baby, maybe a puppy is just as good? I reckon a puppy would be BETTER! So here’s why I think a puppy is going to be better than a newborn. If I’m delusional about any of these things, those with puppy experience, please let me know!

1. You don’t have to be pregnant and get fat to get one.

2. And you also don’t have to birth them.

3. You don’t have to breast feed them. In fact, it’s highly frowned upon.

4. They don’t take 3 years to toilet train.

5. They only eat 2 times a day.

6. You can leave them outside.

7. If they cry you can shut them up by throwing a ball.

8. They won’t grow up to start talking and back chatting to you.

9. If trained properly they will do everything you ask and more.

10. They won’t grow up and want to move out – they will always want to be with you.

11. They love you unconditionally, just as you love your human babies.

12. They still only eat twice a day, even when teenagers.

Here’s a sneak-peek hint at what kind of pup we are off to visit next weekend.

Do you have any to add? Do you disagree, and think a newborn might be better? Give me your arguments!

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6 thoughts on “Why Puppies Are Better Than Newborns

  1. As much as I’m not an animal person – I wouldn’t swop our dogs for quids. They can be hard work – yesterday we (A, my folks and myself) spent the whole day wiring up the yard so that they can now wear collars that ‘correct’ them if they get too close to the fence line. It broke my heart to see them getting zapped but, in my opinion, we have to be cruel to be kind. With the amount they were getting out, they were on a slippery slope to getting run over or wandering off and not coming back.
    They certainly add a new dimension to our family.
    Good luck !
    Me xox

  2. Oh that puppy is seriously cute. I don’t have kids and would probably lean towards a cat if I lived in a pet-friendly place. (And by that I mean get one, not just lean… well, you know what I mean!)

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