Mum, I’m Sorry

Why is it that we only appreciate our mums when we’re very young, or older? What is it about teens that is so disrespectful and spiteful towards mum? I’m sure most of us feel like we owe it to our mums to say sorry. Now that we are mums ourselves, and have suffered the wrath of a sleepless baby, a sick toddler, a defiant child…there are so many things I want to apologize to my mum for. And every day I am so thankful for her. So here goes:

Mum, I am sorry…

For ever saying, “No.”

For having to be asked twice 100 times.

For not trying food before saying it was gross and I didn’t want to eat it.

For all the times I said, “I don’t want to go to school today!”

And “This is booooooring!”

And “I’m not tired! I can’t sleep! I don’t want to go to bed!”

Oh, and definitely for all the times I said, “I hate you.”

I never hated you. Or my sisters. I didn’t hate them, either.

I’m sorry for all the times I stayed out late and night and didn’t tell you where I was. If my son does this to me, I’ll kill him.

For all the times you turned around and I was gone because I wandered away from you.

For all the mess I made. ALL. THE. MESS.

I’m sorry for thinking money grew on a tree in the backyard and that you should buy me what I wanted.

And for stealing money from your purse.

I’m sorry for all my back-chat and lack of respect.

I’m sorry I thought I knew more than you. And that you knew absolutely nothing about anything.

I’m sorry I wanted to do every sport under the sun and expected you to run around after me.

I’m sorry I never said thank you.

Most of all I’m sorry I was a brat of a kid who said I wanted to live with dad and broke your heart by being an even brattier teenager.

If I can teach my son half the independence you taught us, and give him half the strength you showed in raising 3 daughters alone, he will make an outstanding young man one day.

What would you apologize to your mum for? 



3 thoughts on “Mum, I’m Sorry

  1. What a fantastic letter! And I love the part about money growing on trees, I was definitely guilty of this until I was a teenager! One of my kids told me they hated me yesterday, was a bit of the kick in the guts but I knew it wasn’t meant. I’d say sorry for back chatting – mind you I still do it now! Oh and the not knowing where we are at night, imagine that with our own kids, yes sorry for that too! xx

  2. It’s gotta be something about that age, it’s such hard work as a parent. But it’s interesting how our eyes are opened when we’re the parents!

    But I guess the beauty of being a parent lies in the unconditional love and support no matter what age you are.

    Great post.

  3. I think the biggest thing is having no idea how much mums love us until we know how to love like a mother ourselves. Who knew everything annoying they did was for love

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