Blogging In May

Some people are blogging every day for the month of May – ahem, Em – me? I’m only just barely making the cutoff for getting in ONE post this month! Why? Oh where to start. How about with 2 x 2600 word papers for uni? And how about a child-free, 3 night, 4 day trip to visit friends in Auckland? And how about coming home from Auckland, thinking both papers were FINISHED (something I was determined to do to enjoy the time away and not stress) only to find your final draft for the first one due DIDN’T.SAVE. There are not enough F-bombs in the world, let me just tell you.

Thanks to an incredibly understanding and generous teacher, as well as a trial of a data recovery software program and some more brain-straining, I can say that both papers are, again, FINISHED. What a weight off my shoulders. Now all I need to stress about get through are the two final exams in a few weeks time and on to next semester which will hopefully be more enjoyable and a bit easier.

So instead of making this a whiny post about how much sanity time has been sucked from my brain lately, I’m just going to share a few pics of our trip to NZ and ask this…WHY do Kiwis move to Australia in droves? NZ is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, bro. Apologies for the pics being all over the place and not in order. I’m too lazy to rearrange them. Seriously. Also seriously, Xanax is some serious shit. It got me through 2 flights (which were incredibly smooth anyway) without incident, not even so much as one white knuckle, but I also barely remember anything from my travel days and I slept 12 hours after I got home (5:30pm-5:30am). I can’t believe people are allowed to take that shit every day.


View toward Auckland from the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Gardens


View to the east from the gardens


Sitting area at Mudbrick brewery restaurant


Friday afternoon drinks on our friends’ deck


On the ferry headed towards Weiheke Island


“I’m on a boat!”


Chillin’ on beanbags in the back yard of Cable Bay brewery


Keeping warm at Mudbrick brewery before dinner


View back over Matarahui Bay from Mudbrick brewery


Inside the restaurant at Mudbrick


Morning from my friends’ deck. Such a peaceful place.

Linking up with Jess for IBOT because, well, it’s been way too long, and because it’s the best blogging community out there. And because I’m grateful I haven’t been kicked off TeamIBOT for not linking up for several weeks.

52 thoughts on “Blogging In May

  1. How cool is that outdoor fireplace?! That not saving document caused a physical reaction in me – that is the absolute worst! F-bombs inadequate to describe that feeling! Poor you. (but yay on the kid free holiday!)

    • the outdoor fireplace I thought was going to burn my face off! It was a trick to position yourself in just the right spot that you weren’t too hot but could still feel it! A dilemma I’d gladly face any day over the unsaved document one!

  2. Beautiful pics and you look gorgeous!!! That is crap about the paper not saving and whoa on the Xanax. I imagine you needed a much smaller dose lovely xx deb

  3. Gorgeous photos! I’m glad you at least thought it was all finished when you went on the trip, because you look very relaxed. I’m sorry it all sucked when you got back, though! Chookas for your exams. x

    • Thanks Em! I was pretty relaxed for most of the trip! It was great. But yes, big sucks coming home to that nightmare! It’s all behind me now though – both papers turned in yesterday!

  4. NZ is definitely a beautiful place, we have been twice. Such a bummer about your assignment – I’m so glad you have them finished now.

  5. Great pics Aroha, nz is on our to do list for the end if this year hopefully!
    As for not blogging often I totally get it, my blog has gone seriously to pot since having the tiny one. There are just not enough hours in the day, I want to post and I go to write one then I’m just too knackered to pull anything coherent together.
    Glad you got your essays sorted what a bummer that it didn’t save – that would send me over the edge! X

    • I am hearing you on the hours in the day! I’m sure once things settle down you’ll pick up blogging where you left off, there are more important things in your life right now 😉 Highly recommend NZ, scenery like I’ve never seen anywhere else!

  6. Great photos, I HAVE to make it to NZ one day! Can only imagine the stress involved with that assignment, hope next semester finds you in your groove 🙂

  7. I’m with you – why do they move to Australia in droves when they have such a pretty country to live in !!! So glad you got to enjoy some child free time and managed with the flights.
    Have a great day !
    Me xox
    PS – I must get that bean bag to you – I’ll be in touch.

    • So far people have said because there are more jobs here and the pay is better and cost of living cheaper. I can understand that, we did find it pretty expensive! Yes, we bought one bean bag to go with the one you have for us, so do need to get it! Will you be home Saturday? We might all come for a drive?

  8. Hooray I think your blog is going to let me comment today!! I would love to go to NZ and I must say I loved the pics of you & your partner…you both look very happy (obviously before the technology uni emergency) Yay for blogging xx

      • I always have to remember my wordpress password to login & i can never get it right so I spend more time changing my password than I do commenting. I have written my password in a safe place for next time xx

  9. Those pictures make me want to go back to NZ for a holiday. I don’t know why Kiwis leave their homeland to come to Australia. I knew there was something weird with that lot. 😉 I hope you have a better coming week.

  10. We had exactly the same thoughts when we went to NZ earlier this year – why do people leave such a stunning country? I can’t wait to get back there again one day and do more exploring. Good luck with the assignments and the exams too x

  11. Your photographs are so lovely!! It looks absolutely gorgeous over there. I’ve never been.
    I am so glad you have an understanding professor because that sucks!
    I hope you had a lovely time anyways

  12. Oh yay!!! I love NZ. We just went there aswell, but to the south island. I love it! We should seriously move there, cuz 😉 So glad you got your uni papers sorted out. How stressful!

    • We did 10 days in the South Island 18 months ago! I love it over there! Maybe not quite enough to move there – our family and friends are all here, but gosh it is a great place to visit. Plus my name is on EVERYTHING and I love it! haha

  13. Oh I absolutely love seeing these photos!! My mum is from NZ and we used to go there quite a lot as kids, but it’s been a few years since I’ve been. I’m dying to go back and cruise around in a camper for a few weeks. It’s definitely one of my absolute favourite places on Earth!! Beautiful photos and what a beautiful holiday! xxx

    • I’d love to do it all in a camper for a couple of months, I reckon would be a good time! It’s definitely a beautiful place. Shame you haven’t been for a while! Put it on the list!

  14. Fabulous photo’s. Everything looks divine. Lucky you can balance out something as shitty as not saving with having a spectacular time.

  15. Don’t worry my attempts at blogging every day in May were pathetic!! And I dint even have any terrifying F bomb excuses!! Phew, glad you managed to get your work back. I think I might have thrown a laptop or something!!

    What absolutely stunning photos – I really need to get to NZ sometime soon! Xxx

  16. Your photos are just beautiful. I’d love to go to NZ one day. My dad is from there originally, but I’ve never actually visited. Every time I look at pictures of the landscape there, my first thought is the same as yours – where would anyone want to leave such a beautiful country! How frustrating that your draft didn’t save. Let those F bombs rip. It moments like those you need F bombs!

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